Twitter users slammed Chris Pratt, and Avengers Had His Back


The dream of mine right now is to have coworkers or co-actors like the Avengers cast.

Anything for a Fellow Avenger

This is not the first time a fellow avenger has been under backlash. But the backlash on Chris Pratt came out of no concrete evidence. Last week the Russo brothers hosted an Avengers reunion to campaign for Joe Biden and asked people to vote as every vote matter.

Campaign Turned ugly

Many of the Avengers took part in it and raised awareness on the importance of voting and asked people to vote for Biden as he looked like heaven when compared to the present president, Donald Trump.

But unfortunately, the campaign didn’t trend on Twitter or made an impact, but something else did. Chris Pratt was not able to participate in the campaign, even though no news on why he was not there was given, people took it as him being a Trump supporter and Homophobic as he is a Christian and goes to Hillsong church.

Pratt’s Silence on the matter

The Avengers cast reunites for a fundraiser campaign to support Joe Biden.

Even though Pratt hasn’t said anything yet, his fellow avengers came to his rescue and made it clear they got his back. Chris Pratt has been nothing but a humble guy who never gets into any controversies and leads a life on a beautiful farm with his new family.

Pratt married into the Swayze family and has a newborn girl who was born in this pandemic. There could have been many reasons why he didn’t attend. Him being extremely quiet on this issue made Twitter users assume the worst and cancel him on Twitter.


Character Assassination

People started questioning his values, authenticity, character, past with Anna Faris, and so much more just because he didn’t attend the campaign. Another thing that made people think worse was that Pratt was a Christian and went to Hillsong Church, which has been in the news for the anti-LGBTQ principles.

Pratt has been explicit in the past that he doesn’t have the same values as the church on the LGBTQ front, but all was forgotten when he was absent from the campaign. Pratt was bullied, and as usual, Twitter forgot what happened the next day when someone else was trending.

Iron Man Turns into Hulk

But Robert Downey Jr and Mark Ruffalo didn’t let it go that easily. Mark Ruffalo gave a testament on how Pratt is a human and defended him and asked people to keep the eyes on the price. But Robert Downey Jr went full-on Hulk on the people and put everything he had in mind out there and made it clear that there is no messing with his friend. Jeremy Runner and James Gunn showed their support by commenting on RDJ’s Instagram post.

Even though we are happy that they spoke for their friend, people question why none came to Brie Larson’s defence when she was in trouble. That’s a valid question tho, but maybe situations were different? Who knows. If you are wondering what happened to Brie Larson and why she needed defending, read here

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