BTS Breaking Records And Not Their Bond!


BTS has always made waves and controlled every trending hashtags to their plus whenever needed. But today it doesn’t look like they are trending because of their song, Dynamite. Don’t get me wrong they just blew the YouTube record and set a brand new one for 10M views in 20 minutes, but that’s not the only reason why they are trending.


BTS for those who don’t know, which is quite frankly impossible, is a boy band from South Korea. They debuted in 2013, some cast members don’t know English while some have learnt, but they are in every millennial’s playlist. Let it be K-Drama or K-Pop it seems to get the attention of every millennial worldwide.

Unlike other boy bands, BTS has not been known to be in rumours regarding issues within the group. But the BIG HIT entertainment, their label, is under fire not just now but for some continues allegation made by fans saying that some members are being overlooked and excluded.

The trend “BTS is 7” is trending all over the world on twitter because Jin (Seokjin) was not given screen time like the other 6 in the recent video. Out of 3:44, Jin was just given 5 seconds, which made his fans and all of BTS fans very furious as they couldn’t stand, seeing him mistreated.

“Jin deserves better” has been trending along with “BTS IS 7” and the fans have made sure that the mistreatment of Jin and any other cast member by Big Hit should be, brought to a halt.

BTS, unlike any other international band, has got so much recognition, called to do so many talk shows, presented and received so many awards for their music. Their fans or to be frank their ARMY, is determined to keep all the seven members intact and keep the band in a single piece.

Jin doesn’t speak English but is seen as the sweetest and most kind member of the band by many fans. Even though he didn’t raise any complaints against this, the fans of the group have made it their responsibility to give him their voice.

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