Call Of The Night Episode 3: Release Date, Preview, Spoilers, and Other Details.


About Call of The Night

Call of the Night is a Japanese manga that was first released in August 2019. Kotoyama (コトヤマ) is the writer and illustrator of the series. The digital anime series adaptation is made by Liden Films. The first episode premiered in July 2022. A total of two episodes have been released to date.

The Story revolves around Ko Yamori, a 14-year-old kid who starts wandering, looking for a purpose in his life. A vampire named Nazuna meets Ko Yamori. The Anime is about Ko and Nazuna’s romance and how Ko wants to turn a vampire.

Call of The Night: Episode 2 Recap

Call of The Night Episode 2 was titled ‘Another Great Night.’ We see the beginning of the friendship between Ko Yamori and Nazuna. Episode 2 is mainly for building Nazuna’s character as a vampire who is shy of romance and intimacy. We are told that Yamori wants to become a vampire too, but he will have to fall in love with Nazuna(who is a vampire) for that to happen.

Nazuna explains how to become a vampire in episode 2

Episode 2 is full of deep conversations between Ko and Nazuna. They exchange phone numbers. Call of The Night justifies its romantic genre with some steamy vampire bite scenes and cute ones. A major part of Episode 2 is about Ko defining what loneliness feels like.


Preview and Spoilers for Call of The Night Episode 3

Call of The Night Episode 3, will be a character-building episode where we will be given more information on Ko and Nazuna. Call of the night episode 3 has been titled ‘You spilled a lot’. There may be an introduction of a few new vampires in the coming episode.

As per the latest preview, we are told the black-haired girl we saw at the end of episode 2 is named Akira Asai. Akira is voiced by Yumiri Hanamori. There is a rumor in the community that the black-haired girl(Akira) is there to inform Ko of some upcoming danger. Akira will be asking Ko to meet her at the same time tomorrow night, it will be fun to see how Ko handles the situation.

The watch transceiver that Akira is seen wearing has been confirmed to be the same as the one Ko lost when he was nine years old. This could potentially mean Ko was looking for her.

Call of the Night Episode 3: Release Date and Time

Call Of The Night Episode 3, will be released on Friday, July 22, 2022. The time of release depends on your location. The release time of the episode, following different time zones, is listed below:

  • Pacific time: 10:00 am PDT
  • Central time: 12:00 pm CDT
  • Eastern time: 1:00 pm EDT
  • British time: 6:00 pm BST
  • Indian time: 10:30 pm IST
  • European time: 7:00 pm CEST
  • Australian time: 2:30 am ACDT
  • Philippines time: 01:00 am PHT
  • Japanese time: 12:55 am JST

Where to watch Call of the Night Episode 3?

You can watch Call of the Night Episode 3, on Muse Asia’s YouTube channel. It’s free to watch(Provided Muse Asia’s Youtube channel is restricted in your country).

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