Can Spider-Man Beat Daredevil?

Spider-Man vs Daredevil

The Man Without Fear vs. The Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man.

This fight doesn’t need a long explanation. Spider-Man wins 10/10 times. He is a lot stronger, faster, more durable, more agile, and physically superior in every way possible. Matt is the better fighter and has the better senses, but Spidey is no slouch in fighting. He was trained by Shang-Chi and Captain America with his martial arts, The Way of the Spider. His spider-sense also helps counter Matt’s attacks.

To put it simply, this is a mismatch.

It’s possible, especially if he is more concerned about helping him than fighting him. This was how things went for Daredevil who was at his peak in power:

He managed to get the win against Spider-Man, but it was far from easy. Even despite having an enhanced radar sense and physical attributes thanks to the magic from the Fist, Matt questions whether it would be enough to beat Spider-Man who he says is “The best of us.” It takes him lowering his guard and Matt’s quick reaction time to hit the web cartridge just right to restrain him and all of Matt’s strength to knock Spidey out with pressure on some nerve clusters.

If Spider-Man were more focused on actually hurting Matt, then odds are, he would win just about every time.

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