Condolences Pour In after Iconic Berserk Mangaka Kentarou Miura Dies

Berserk Mangaka Dies at 54, Condolences Flood In

The anime community is feeling the brunt of the release of their favorite anime shows getting delayed or even canceled. The enforcement of multiple lockdowns due to the relentless spread of the COVID-19 pandemic has meant that for many people, anime is their only solace.


However, life refuses to give any of us solace. Our favorite Mangaka Kentarou Miura, who wrote and illustrated the beautifully detailed and intricate story of Berserk, has passed away. 


The well-known publisher Hakusensha has made the tragic announcement that the beloved manga creator Kentarou passed away on 6th May. It was revealed that he passed away from complications resulting from acute aortic dissection at the age of 54. 

After his tragic death, manga creators, artists, and publishers from all over the world expressed their heartfelt condolences. They reflected on the lifelong impact he had on their works, their personal lives, and their creativity. 


Here are some condolences offered online on their personal websites and Twitter accounts.


The creator of the wildly popular manga and anime Fairy Tail, Hiro Mashima, also tweeted about how significant Berserk had over him. He talked about how even after his own manga got popular, he still got excited like a little boy whenever a new volume of Berserk came out. 

The assistant director of Netflix’s original animated series Castlevania also talked about how Berserk influenced them. Ken Akamatsu, well-known for his Love Hina manga, remembered how fond Kentarou Miura was of Yue Ayase, one of his characters. 

While some tweets and condolences were reflective of their good times together with Miura, some revealed how hard it’s been for them mentally and emotionally. Chica Umino, who created March Comes In Like a Lion, confessed how memories of good times spent together. 


George Morikawa, the creator of Hajime No Ippo, shared how he and Miura came to grow artistically and emotionally too. He recounted how Miura worked for him as an assistant and how he saw the immense potential in Miura’s arts and story. 

He was also one of the few to get the first glimpse of the art of what was in the early stages of Berserk. Morikawa was kind enough to share a drawing that Miura had done of an iconic Hajime No Oppo character, Takemura.

Many artists like Hebi-Zou and Rei Hiroe expressed their sadness over the tragic loss to art and the manga industry.

It’s the end of an era of mind-blowing Shounen Manga, of an entire generation of beloved characters, fights, and philosophical dilemmas. May Miura Sensei’s soul rest in peace.

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