Cute Anime Characters Who Are Deadly

Here is everything you need to know about the cute anime characters who are deadly.

Alluka: Hunter X HunterAlluka: Hunter X Hunter

In Hunter X Hunter, Alluka doesn’t actually have the same assassin skills as the rest of the Zoldyck family. However, everybody is absolutely terrified of her because Nanika possesses her. Nanika is a supernatural being who can grant someone any wish after obeying three of Alluka’s requests.

If someone refuses to go along with what Alluka wants, she’ll annihilate them and whoever they love the most. It’s basically impossible to disobey Alluka unless someone doesn’t care about their own life.

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Tanya: Saga Of Tanya The EvilTanya: Saga Of Tanya The Evil

In Saga Of Tanya The Evil, Tanya joined the military when she was nine. She’s a total killing machine, even though her youthful appearance would lead others to believe the total opposite. Tanya’s driven by her disdain for Being X. However, she can only grow stronger by praying to him.

When she prays to Being X, Tanya gets a significant power boost so that she can potentially wipe out millions of soldiers with just a single spell. Tanya is also incredibly manipulative and dreams of the day she can wipe out every enemy soldier in her path.

Nui: Kill La KillNui: Kill La Kill

Nui from Kill La Kill may look like a remarkably upbeat, childlike young girl with a whimsical sense of fashion, but that appearance hides something far more sinister. Nui’s happy-go-lucky attitude extends beyond her relationships with other characters. When she gets bored, she takes on the same kind of excitement over the prospect of violence.

Nui is quite sadistic and almost never drops her eerily amused persona when targeting someone else. She only shows her more sinister side whenever she’s seriously outmatched. Then, Nui becomes aggressive and panicky. Nui is also prone to holding grudges, and her vengeance is always bloody.

Hibana Daida: Deadman WonderlandHibana Daida: Deadman Wonderland

In Deadman Wonderland, Hibana Daida’s childlike, innocent appearance hides a history of bloodshed. She grew up with an abusive mother, so any semblance of humanity or kindness was destroyed early on. By the time Hibana turned seven, she’d already killed several people, including her mother, kindergarten classmates, and other prisoners.

Hibana quickly resorts to violence if someone crosses her, even if they didn’t intend to hurt her feelings. Her weapon of choice is a brutal whip sword that allows her to cut her victims down slowly.

Pochita: Chainsaw ManPochita: Chainsaw Man

Despite his cute appearance and endearing relationship with Denji, it’s important to remember that Pochita is still the chainsaw devil at the end of the day. Pochita’s essentially become an adorable mascot for Chainsaw Man, despite the series’ overwhelming brutality and gore.

Since fusing with Denji’s heart, fans have seen the truly horrifying potential of the chainsaw devil. Still, Pochita does care about Denji and tells him that witnessing and hearing about all his dreams is his favorite part of their time together.

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