Sweet Anime Characters With Terrifying Powers

Sweet Anime Characters With Terrifying Powers

Many anime series include characters who are sweet, yet possess frightening powers. Said abilities are often deadly or risk hurting the people around the characters with their overwhelming strength. Here is everything you need to know about the sweet anime characters with terrifying powers.

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Orihime Inoue: BleachOrihime Inoue: Bleach Sweet Anime Characters With Terrifying Powers

In Bleach, Orihime Inoue is a gentle soul who will heal anyone.  To save the Shinigami that Ulquiorra Cifer defeated she allowed herself to get captured. Two Arrancar tormented her, but still healed them when they were injured.

Orihime has a powerful ability called Koten Zanshun. This incantation summons a spirit that pierces an enemy and erects a shield, splitting the foe in two. Her power is rarely used as Orihime never intended to kill or harm others.

Ochaco Uraraka: My Hero AcademiaOchaco Uraraka: My Hero Academia
Sweet Anime Characters With Terrifying Powers

My Hero Academia has many aspiring heroes with intimidating powers, and Ochaco Uraraka is one example. Himiko Toga revealed that Ochaco’s Zero Gravity quirk can be extremely deadly. With Ochaco’s ability to erase a target’s gravity, Himiko made people rise up in the air and fall to their deaths.

To make enough money to help her parents Ochaco became a hero. As a hero, she uses her quirk to clear debris in disaster areas. To keep people away from getting injured from a fall she uses her powers.

Mitsuri Kanroji: Demon SlayerMitsuri Kanroji: Demon Slayer

Mitsuri Kanroji was one of the sweetest characters in Demon Slayer. She continuously noted her friends when she was introduced. She had the strength and skill that made her worthy to be one of the best demon slayers.

Mitsuri’s muscle composition was inhumanly dense though she had a thin build. This allowed her to withstand demon attacks that would have obliterated other people.

Miroku: InuyashaMiroku: Inuyasha: Sweet Anime Characters With Terrifying Powers

Miroku was a monk who protected others by warding off demons. Naraku cursed Miroku’s family to have a wind tunnel in their right hand. The wind tunnel bigger over time and sucks in whatever Miroku directs it toward. Miroku would rely on his curse, as it could easily eliminate hordes of enemies.

Mare Bello Fiore: OverlordMare Bello Fiore: Overlord

Mare is one of Nazarick’s sweetest floor guardians in Overlord. He is timid and anxious and is constantly eager to impress his leader, Ainz Ooal Gown. Mare often doubts himself and his capabilities to execute Ainz’s orders. He is immensely loyal and always follows orders though he is slow to complete missions.

Mare has a great deal of physical strength, as one swing from his staff is enough to break bones. His magical power is even stronger, as he can create chasms that swallow people.

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