Delay in ‘Free Guy’ And ‘Death on the Nile’ release?


Ryan Reynolds starring Video game comedy Free Guy and most awaited murder mystery Death on the Nile scheduled to air this December are back on the waiting list. The release dates are unknown as of now.

With the pandemic having a strong resistive hold on any economic revival, more than 55% of movie theatres remain shut in the US. New York and Los Angeles, which draw the most influential audience, are still struggling with the health system as Hollywood looks for ways to escape this period of isolation.

Are online releases bringing back a profit?

Many movies released on various platforms, Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime, and Hotstar, are the only sources of a revival of production companies’ massive investments in making the movies. Disney and others’ production houses have faced a significant loss worldwide after they were forced to release their films on these platforms. A marginal profit difference has driven Hollywood to cut down on its expenses.


What does this have for low-budget creators?

As Disney looks for scaling down on big-budget movies in different countries in the Asiatic region, it has gone into regional films and digital content creators. Often believed to have the real taste of any country, the regional movies showcase the most accurate and genuine scripts. Other than quality, the low-budget film is devoid of external producers and high paid actors who claim more than half of the production money.

What’s on the plate?

As of now, two movies from Universal Studios are releasing this month. With Freaky on November 13 and Croods: The New Age on November 25. As Wonder Woman 1984 sits delayed, Disney hopes to have a good run this winter with the two new releases.
Although, with the second phase of Corona insight, it’s yet to see how things turn up for the entertainment world. All that they could do is try to squeeze in through the political unrest, economic shortfalls, and the infamous health crisis. Until things are back to normal, it’s how every other industry is going to be affected.

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