Demon Slayer Season 2 Episode 14: Release Date, Spoilers, Leaks and Other Details

Kids, do not get out of your house if you see Tanjiro fighting, or else you’ll end up dead. As the episode starts, we see Tanjiro going against Daki who’s an Upper-Rank demon. Although he’s somehow able to spar against her but it’s only because she’s toying with him. Regardless, Tanjiro puts up a great fight, let’s see what happens in Demon Slayer Season 2 Episode 14.

But, when is it releasing and what’ll happen next? To find out, scroll down and take a look for yourself.

About Demon Slayer:

Demon Slayer is a manga series written and illustrated by Koyoharu Gotouge. It follows teenage Tanjiro Kamado, who strives to become a demon slayer after his family was slaughtered and his younger sister Nezuko turned into a demon. 

Furthermore, it began its serialization in Shueisha’s shōnen manga magazine Weekly Shōnen Jump from February 2016 till May 2020. Additionally, it has been published in English by Viz Media and simultaneously published by Shueisha on their Manga Plus platform.

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A Brief Recap of Demon Slayer Season 2 Episode 13:

As Tanjiro finds himself cornered after using Hinomatsuri Kagura multiple times, Daki intends to kill him. But, he uses Recovery Breathing to fend off the demon and buy more time for Uzui and others to come. Then, her remaining sashes return to her body and she gets to know about Uzui, the hashira.

daki demon slayer season 2

Now, she has no interest in Tanjiro because of the Hashira. Due to all the commotion, the neighbors wake up and scold Tanjiro and the demon. Seeing the disrespect, she instantly destroys every house in sight, killing a few. This makes Tanjiro furious and he makes Daki pay for what she did.

Once again, Tanjiro gets into a fight with Daki but this time, he seems to be the powerful one. Swiftly slashing through her sashes, he tries to cut her neck but unfortunately by then, reaches his limit. And just like that, Tanjiro is again the powerless one who won’t be able to save the innocent bystanders.

nezuko vs daki demon slayer season 2

However, fate has something else for Tanjiro as Nezuko comes to his brother’s rescue. And then, we witness the demons fighting against each other. After fighting Daki for a while, Nezuko starts to transform into a real demon which genuinely scares Daki. It seems like someone is going to get kicked into hell. 

Preview and Expectations of Demon Slayer Season 2 Episode 14:

Sadly, there’s no preview but hey, we do know the title of the next episode. Because Uzui, the god of festivals himself told us in the final seconds of the episode. Demon Slayer Season 2 Episode 14 is titled ‘Transformation’.

uzui demon slayer season 2

So, what can one mean by the title? Is Tanjiro going to get amped up once again? Will Nezuko become a demon for real this time? What will happen to Daki? There’s so much to ask but for the answers, we have to wait for a while. 

However, one thing is for certain, we will get to see Uzui in action considering the situation right now. Thus, buckle up for the upcoming episode to blow your mind.

Release Date of Demon Slayer Season 2 Episode 14:

Demon Slayer Episode 14 is all set to release on January 16, 2022. And hey, get ready for Uzui and his ninja ways to fascinate you.

Leaks and Spoilers For The Next Episode:

  • With Nezuko going on a rampage and no one to stop her, Daki feels powerless as her opponent continues to stomp her. In fact, Nezuko even uses her Demon Blood Art and tries to kill the demon. 
  • Before Nezuko becomes a real demon by eating a human, Tanjiro stops her. The elder brother struggles a lot but he keeps the grip on her so she doesn’t escape and do it. 
  • On the other side, Daki’s face is scarred and she’s angry at Nezuko. Meanwhile, Uzui comes out of nowhere and chides Tanjiro while asking him to stop Nezuko by singing her a lullaby. 
  • Well, no one should disobey the ‘God of Festivals’ order and thus Tanjiro sings Nezuko a lullaby. Eventually, she turns back to her normal state and is fast asleep. 
  • But hey, what will Daki do now? Well, with her head elegantly cut by Uzui, she can’t do much. But, a strange thing happens – she doesn’t die. Despite her head being decapitated, she’s still alive and arguing her credibility as an Upper-Rank Demon with Uzui. 
  • Something doesn’t feel right and Uzui is also in a state of confusion. After a short comedic banter, Daki calls out his brother Gyutaro who emerges from her torso. 
  • All this while, the Upper-Rank Number Six Demon was not one but two demons in one body. And being the elder brother he is, Gyotaro is quite powerful and gives Uzui the battle of his life.

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Where to Watch Demon Slayer Season 2? 

You can watch Demon Slayer Season 2 on sites such as Crunchyroll, Netflix, Funimation, Hulu, VRV, and Wakanim.


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