Is Levi Dead In Attack On Titan Season 4 Part 2 Episode 1?


Attack On Titan Season 4 Part 2 Episode 1 was aired on January 9, 2022. Amidst many fans cheering on to starting a new season of one of their favorite shows, we started the start of Episode 1 by learning more about Levi’s Fate. The commencement sets the dark tone of the entire episode as utter chaos and destruction ensues.

Levi is seen badly injured with his insides battered and his face splintered with small sharp objects. It is a very tragic sight to see our favorite character severely injured beyond recognition. While we are not sure yet whether he is dead or not, his serious injuries strongly signal that he might be dead.

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Let us revisit how Levi came to be in such a sorry condition and what his future in AoT Season 4 Part 2 might be.

Levi Wounded By A Thunder Spear


Levi had defeated Zeke and bound him up with a thunder spear impaled in his stomach while a noose was wrapped around his neck. It was set up in such a condition that if Zeke moved his neck too much, the thunder spear would go off and tear his body into half.

After some time, when the two are driving through a forest in a cart, the spear goes off and Levi is wounded by the spear bursting at such point-blank range. We see Zeke’s torso landing roughly on top of the grass too.

Hange’s Escape With Injured Levi

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A bound Hange along with Flock and the Yeagerists discover the battered and heavily bloodied Levi lying near the river on the grass. Hange announces that he is dead. However, Flock requests to check his pulse and confirm it.

In the meantime, we see Zeke waking up and showcasing his naked body to the Yeagerists, as if in a trance. Hange takes this opportunity to make an escape with Levi. The Yeagerists notice this and shoot at them but they have successfully made it out.

It is quite likely that Levi didn’t die. However, his significance in the anime has decreased with the arrival of many other characters like the Marleyans, Yelena, Gabi, and Floch.

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