Why Daki of Demon Slayer is an Interesting Character!

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Now, before heading into the article, it’s important to note that interesting doesn’t equal likeable. Daki is certainly a ruthless, sadistic demon who proudly declares to have consumed multiple innocent civilians and other Hashira. 

However, the way the story progressed and gradually unravelled her past life as a human really makes us understand and appreciate her character as more three dimensional than the merciless villain image initially assumed. With that said, let’s get into what makes Daki an intriguing character. 

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Her Blood Demon Art is Obi Sash Manipulation

As one of the main antagonists in the Entertainment District Arc, Daki is an Upper Moon 6 demon who shares this position with her brother who is the primary position holder. Already her character design is very captivating and builds up a lot of tension in the beginning of the arc. 

Demon Slayer Daki

But besides that, her ability is very unique as her Blood Demon Art is Obi Sash Manipulation. With this power, she can create flower-patterned Obi sashes from her flesh and manipulate them at will. She often creates them from her back and retracts them back into her body when she’s not using them. 

What’s fascinating about these Obi sashes is that they’re soft like silk yet simultaneously as sharp as the Nichirin Blades. Her sashes are so powerful that she can even slice up buildings. The more interesting yet eerie aspect of her ability is that she can store humans she wants to eat inside her Obi sashes. 

One of the Saddest Backstories in Demon Slayer

The other thing about Daki’s character that will undoubtedly end up leaving an impact even on otherwise indifferent fans is the reveal of her life prior to becoming a demon. Much of this backstory is embroiled with her relationship with her brother Gyutaro. 

So, without a doubt, Daki’s past as Ume and her backstory shared with Gyutaro has to be one of the top saddest backstories of Demon Slayer. A large reason why the two opted to turn into demons when offered by Muzan is because of the poverty their lives were terribly entrenched in. 

Demon Slayer

In a way, it really makes us think about their characters as having been manipulated and preyed on by Muzan in their weakest and most vulnerable hour. It adds a certain depth and nuanced sadness to a villain’s character when we learn that despite all their cruelty to the world, they really only needed good guidance but Ume/Daki and Gyutaro never got that opportunity. 

Stuck in the mentality of a 13 year old, Daki’s character arc moves from alluring and ruthless villainess to that of a teenage girl who’s whiny and stuck clinging to her older brother.

A lot of her coolness as a potential detached, untouchable villain is stripped away at the final revelation but that’s what makes her character more interesting and realistically grounded in the pain and unfulfillment of her human life. 

Her Relationship with her Brother Gyutaro

We cannot discuss Daki as a character without talking about Gyutaro and their relationship. The final moments of the brother-sister duo haven’t been animated yet. It’s most likely going to be shown this Sunday on Demon Slayer Season 2 Episode 16 but for now, let’s talk about the manga conclusion on these two siblings.

From the flashback of their backstory, it’s evident how close their bond is- so much that even their demon personas are tied into each other.

Demon Slayer Season 2 Episode 14

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Tanjiro, Tengen and the others didn’t even know there was another primary holder of the Upper Moon demon position because Gyutaro was literally inside Daki. This shows the physical manifestation of how inseparable and blurred into each other the siblings are. 

Even the fact that they cannot be destroyed without killing both of them off simultaneously shows how their fates are closely tied together. In their final moments, that’s exactly how they meet their end as the demon slayers manage to decapitate them at the same time. 

When Daki first integrates, Gyutaro recalls their human lives before they became demons and just then, we see Daki appearing in her human form as Ume. This scene encapsulates one of the saddest moments really as Daki tells Gyutaro to take her along with him as they’re siblings and shouldn’t let go of each other. 

Demon Slayer Daki

Even in death, the two choose to depart together, with Gyutaro carrying Daki on his back like they did in the old days. It must definitely be said that their story offers an interesting parallel to the sibling relationship between Tanjiro and Nezuko.

Without a doubt, Daki is not a likeable character, along with Gyutaro owing to their terrible deeds. But, for sure by the end of her character arc, it can’t be denied that her story is transformed into a complex and intriguing one. 


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