Unforgettable Anime Endings That Changed Everything

Creating an unforgettable ending to a series can be difficult. Not many anime series have touched fans’ hearts and also left them satisfied, but fans will always remember the few anime that delivered a perfect ending. Here is everything you need to know about the unforgettable anime endings that changed everything.

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Fruits BasketFruits Basket

Fruits Basket characters had to face hardship but they are able to achieve a happy ending. The romance that blossomed between Tohru and Kyo is one of the best relationships in anime. The fact that they were able to live happily ever after delighted fans.

Fruits Basket’s ending is simple, but even a straightforward conclusion can have a large impact. Fruits Basket is fondly remembered as one of the best romance anime because it was able to present the perfect fairy tale romance.

Code GeassCode Geass

Code Geass is remembered most for the cliffhanger that took place at the end of Season 1. It’s ending also made a large impact on the anime community. Code Geass is one of the few series that show the protagonist going on a downward spiral and concludes their story in a satisfying way.

Lelouch turns himself into a villain to make the world better for his loved ones. No one will ever know that he willingly sacrificed himself for the greater good. The ending to his story is tragic because of how he suffered, but it feels right because he paid the price for the wrongs he committed.

Naruto ShippudenNaruto Shippuden

Naruto is an incredibly long series. Not every Naruto fan is completely happy with the final arc of the series, but all Naruto fans can agree the ending was able to satisfy everyone.

He is able to find happiness with the love of his life, and he achieves his dream of becoming the strongest ninja. He may not be the Hokage when Naruto Shippuden comes to a close, but it’s very obvious that he’s the next in line.

Your NameYour Name

It’s a lot harder for Your Name to cover its entire plot and wrap it up in a satisfying ending. However, it handles every story beat perfectly, and the characters are so well-developed, which is why fans were so invested in the two characters finding each other again during the ending.

The anime toes the line in a way that’s both satisfying and heartbreaking. The protagonists meet each other again, but they don’t remember each other. The chance for them to gain back everything they’ve lost is still there.

Your Lie In AprilYour Lie In April

Kaori’s tragic death in Your Lie in April is a hard one to deal with. Yet the show does an excellent job of providing closure for both the characters and fans. Kosei gets to overcome his trauma and shares a few last moments with the friend who changed his life in a tragic final scene.

Kaori was always going to die, but Your Lie in April still managed to make people grieve for her character when it finally happened.

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