Did Benedict Cumberbatch Ignore Tom Holland?


The Strange Benedict Cumberbatch And Tom Holland Incident:

Not many know that a strange yet silly incident took place between actors Benedict Cumberbatch And Tom Holland.

According to reports, Tom Holland was once blacked by the lead of Doctor Strange Benedict Cumberbatch. In the latter’s defense, he actually mistook Holland for one of his loyal fans.

This Benedict Cumberbatch And Tom Holland incident was confirmed by the Doctor Strange star. Cumberbatch recently confessed in an interview about blanking the Spider-Man: Homecoming actor after mistaking him for one of his loyal supporters.

The Benedict Cumberbatch Interview:

In his interview about what happened between Benedict Cumberbatch And Tom Holland, the former said that he was filming for Sherlock during that time. They were filming on a bridge and he was running when he heard a guy scream “Benedict, Benedict!”

Subsequently, the actor thought that it was a fan. And so, Benedict kept walking back to his start mark.

Soon after, the supposed fan said, “Benedict, it’s Tom!” Hearing this, the Doctor Strange actor says, “Tom?” But it actually was Tom Holland, who was returning home in an Uber from the premiere of Captain America: Civil War.

Benedict Cumberbatch And His Reaction To The Devotion Of His Fans:

The 40-year old star, has, on many occasions, said that the devotion and support of his fans towards his are overwhelming and humbling. He also speaks of something that happened in the past. He says:

“I came out and saw this huge line of people and said, ‘Is that for some event?’ And they said, ‘No, it’s for what you’re doing tomorrow”.

“I was like, ‘How long have they been there? What? All-day? In this heat? Have they got water?’ And they said, ‘Yeah some of them have, some of them haven’t?’ ‘Are they going to be on the street tonight? Can I go and talk to them?”

“There were furtive looks between the security [and they said] ‘We can make that happen if you really want to.’ And I said ‘Hell I do.”

“I want to meet the people who make this possible because it’s all about them and their enthusiasm and their devotion, it’s overwhelming and utterly humbling, whether they’ve come from miles [away] or put all that effort into cosplay, it’s really inspiring and humbling and reminds you what it’s all about.”

In saying so, the incident between Benedict Cumberbatch And Tom Holland was definitely quite funny. However, it also shows a different side of the Doctor Strange actor.

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