Do Cassie And Brandon End Up Together In ‘Love In The Villa’?

‘Love in Villa’ directed by Mark Steven Johnson, is all about Julie and Charlie and how an accidental double booking brings them together. 

Just before going to Verona Julie’s boyfriend breaks up with her. Later on, in the movie, Julie finds out that Charlie already has a girlfriend named Cassie. She decides to surprise him by going to Verona, and that’s when Julie finds out that she is not only Charlie’s girlfriend but she is her fiancee. Charlie does try to tell her that they are on a break, but all of this hurts Julie and she goes away. 

Cassie and Brandon are completely unaware of the affection between Charlie and Julie.

Brandon and Cassie first meet when Cassie and Charlie are having Dinner. Brandon and Julie went to the same restaurant as them but it was full, and when Cassie recognizes Julie she invites them to have dinner with them.

During the course of dinner, Brandon and Cassie end up talking to each other most of the time and getting to know each other. They both find each other’s lives very fascinating and they instantly grow comfortable with each other.

Later in the movie, when Julie rejects Brandon’s marriage proposal, Brandon and Cassie run into each other. Brandon goes over to greet her, they tell each other that both of their partners broke up with them. Cassie invites him to have a drink with her and he accepts. Both of them might just get together since they are both interested in each other. 

If you’re wondering why Julie rejected Brandon’s proposal. Here’s why.

Julie’s dream trip to Verona, Italy, turns star-crossed when she discovers her rented villa is already occupied by an annoyingly attractive stranger. You can now watch ‘Love In Villa’ on Netflix.

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