The Witcher Season 2: First Scene Revealed By Netflix

While the horrible year of 2020 comes to an end, we have very few things we are grateful for, and one among them would be for the vaccine and then for the game of Witchmas by Netflix.

The tone of the Second Season


While we got some of the best things from Netflix as Christmas presents, finally we got something which gave us a hint of how the second season will be and what theme it will follow.

It took us time to believe that it wasn’t a prank anymore and that Netflix had actually shared the first scene script page; many already have so many theories coming out of it.

Final Witchmas Gift

Well, all it takes for fans to form a theory is a screenshot… so give them a script page they will be prepared to write an entire series with that. First, let’s see what the script says, and then we will get on to the fan theories and speculations.

The scene takes place in a deserted area where no humans are seen around. A merchant and his daughter and wife are seen traveling and trying to stay the night in the nearby inn. But something emerges and rips apart the mother and the father while the daughter is seen running away from all this.

Witcher Specialty

With Geralt’s voiceover happening in the background and no idea whatsoever why he is in the scene, we conclude many things from this picture.

While this scene might have set the tone for the second season, fans are excited because that means more thrilling and horror episodes ahead for them, which is kind of the Witcher specialty.

We have learned that this scene indicates that the second season is setting up the platform for one of the best short stories in The Witcher novels, A Grain of Truth.

According to the book readers, it is said that if this is how the second season starts then, we are in for a real treat.

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Until We Meet Again…

While we have no idea what they mean, let’s just hope what they say is right and that the fan-favorite returns for the second season with a bang and gives us everything we have been waiting for.

With Ciri and Geralt’s Kaer Morhen journey ahead and Geralt finally accepting that he is scared to be left alone and that is the only thing that can actually scare him, we are too excited to see this scene and why Geralt is the one giving voiceover.

While Netflix has been trying to get us hooked on so many things about the series until its second season starts streaming, this sure does the trick.





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