Does Julie Forgive Charlie In ‘Love In The Villa’?

In the newly released Netflix romantic comedy, we get to see the feud between Julie Hutton and Charlie Fletcher. But does Charlie go too far to annoy Julie? And will Julie forgive him for what he did?

Julie and Charlie have to share the villa since their host accidentally double-booked them. They have no choice other than to live together for a week. Julie talks about this with her co-worker, who is also her friend. She tells him that Charlie hates her for reason, then that her co-worker tells her to give Charlie a reason to hate her.

The next day Julie decides to drive him out of the house, she buys a basket of green olives and places them all over Charlie and his bed, and then opens the window to let the cats in and lets them go over to Charlie even though he is allergic to cats.

Charlie then declares a war between them and both try to find ways to drive each other out of the house. Charlie then donates all her clothes to an orphanage. 

Julie locks Charlie out of the villa and gets him arrested, and then he sticks pages of her diary onto Juliet’s wall. Both of them agree that they both went a little too far with their ways. They both decided to call a truce and forgive each other by having a nice dinner together.

If you’re wondering whether Cassie and Brandon end up together? you can find it out here.

Julie’s dream trip to Verona, Italy, turns star-crossed when she discovers her rented villa is already occupied by an annoyingly attractive stranger. You can now watch ‘Love In Villa’ on Netflix.

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