Will There Be A Second ‘Love In The Villa’ Movie?

The newly released Netflix romantic comedy starring Kat Graham as Julie Hutton and Tom Hopper as Charlie Fletcher is hilarious. Every aspect of the movie whether it be Julie’s airplane ride or Charlie’s attempt to get into the villa through the balcony, every moment makes one laugh. But will this lively film have another part to it?

Julie’s a hopeless romantic, and it is shown from the start. She plans an entire trip with her boyfriend of four years, who breaks up with her right before the trip. And when she decides to go alone, on her journey, she instantly gets a reality check, when things don’t exactly go as she plans them to. Spilling wine on her clothes, losing her luggage, and having to share a villa with a complete stranger was definitely not on her checklist.


Eventually, the rivalry between Julie and Charlie turns into love, but both of them are held back by the baggage of their past relationships.

But at the end of the movie when they finally get together, will they quit their jobs and stay back in Verona, or will they have a long-distance relationship?

After all, Charlie is from London and Julie is from Minnesota. Although Charlie does reveal that he wishes to start his own vineyard in Tuscany. There is a possibility that both of them spend a few more days in Verona and then go back and work out a long-distance relationship.

There is definitely potential for another movie to release, showcasing Julie and Charlie’s future endeavors.

If you’re wondering if Julie forgives Charlie? You can find out here.

Julie’s dream trip to Verona, Italy, turns star-crossed when she discovers her rented villa is already occupied by an annoyingly attractive stranger. You can now watch ‘Love In Villa’ on Netflix.

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