Does Marvel Need an LGBTQ Superhero? Here’s what over 10,000 people said.

Years have passed, and I guess now it’s safe to say that people are actually finally evolving and letting others be whoever they want to be. While many started to wrap their minds around that fact, some still find it hard to do so.

Movies to the rescue?

Some are still ignorant just because they are not appropriately informed. At the same time, some people’s ignorance can be shunned by making all of it familiar to them through a movie or something. So, it’s up to big comics and Cinematic Universes like Marvel to do so.

While Marvel and its rival DC are trying to bring in the equality factor in its new products, some much-needed content and characters are still not included in both. While just now, after years, Marvel has introduced its first Muslim Superhero to the MCU; DC has announced that they will be debuting their first Latin superhero for the first time too.

What?? They didn’t even have that till now? Yup! Even though characters have been written in the comics way back, it has taken a lot of time for these mega studios to decide finally and make movies about those unique characters. While it took them this long to make different religions and different ethnicity series, are they even remotely ready to take on an LGBTQ superhero-based movie or a series?

Is the World ready?

Ms. Marvel will be the first Muslim superhero by Marvel Cinematic Universe

Well, the thing with these studios is that they will do anything to please their huge worldwide fan base. While they are probably doing a survey and their own kind of research on how people will react, we have taken the liberty to ask our vast Marvel fan base the same question.

Keep in mind that these reports are from the voting option we gave to fans while they were eagerly taking a Marvel fan quiz. The majority of the people that took part are ardent fans of the studios, and its products, while some might have just taken for the heck of it.

The people who took the Marvel quiz were above the mark of fifty thousand, but only 10429 answered the question “Does Marvel Need an LGBTQ Superhero?” While the first order of business was to identify the voter, they responded if they were a “Super-Fan Girl or Super-Fan Boy. Next, they went on to answer the main question.

The overall ‘Yes’ percentage was 42.49%, i.e., 4431 people have responded to the poll as ‘Yes, marvel needs an LGBTQ Superhero.’ The sad part is 57.51%, i.e., 5997 people had said ‘No, Marvel need not have an LGBTQ Superhero.’

Results of survey done by The News Fetcher
Results of the survey done by The News Fetcher

Here is the data set we collected and analyzed: Survey – Form Responses

Is this the end?

While the quiz was attended by the people within the age group of 21-25, there are more reasons why fans have voted ‘No.’ The poll had 2903 female voters and 7528 male voters. While the male votes tipped the balance and gave it a ‘No,’ it is rather a good sign to see at least the Yes percentage is not very far behind.

The number of female voters who have voted ‘Yes’ is 1669 (57.5%), and those who have voted ‘No’ are 1234 (42.5%). The number of male voters who have voted ‘yes’ is 2763, and those who have voted ‘No’ are 4765.

We should also keep in mind that the fan base for sci-fi superhero movies and comics will be majority male. While there are more female fans now than before, the fanbase is majorly populated with male super-fans.

Does this mean it’s a No?


Not necessarily. Many fans have been arguing that LGBTQ character is not a big deal if they add a proper storyline with them. Let me break it down, ever since the world started to become more acceptable to the LGBTQ community, there have been a lot of films made with lead characters playing Gay or Trans or Non-Binary.

But the movies didn’t make a big standing ovation from the audience because the writers were too much concentrated on the characters to make them known as a person of LGBTQ rather than making a character which was a part of the LGBTQ community but has other significant traits that were worth watching like in the case of straight or cis lead actors.

They Have a point!

Marvel fans are making the same point. They are fine with an LGBTQ superhero as long as it is not the only trait the movie or series is going to highlight. Besides, it’s not like Marvel doesn’t have an LGBTQ character already. Wondering who? Valkyrie, according to the comics and MCU, is a gay character. Since Thor Ragnarok didn’t portray only that trait of her instead just gave hints here and there and treated her like a regular character, she was well received by the fans.

So, basically, the request of fans is, don’t make the only important quality of the character to be their sexuality; instead, treat them as usual straight or cis characters. Also, fans are not very keen on seeing already appeared characters in the MCU now suddenly becoming a part of the LGBTQ community since that would spoil the character’s arc.

So it’s simple, make it casual, also treat them equally like you would treat a straight or cis character; that about sums it up!

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