Dragon Ball Super Chapter 74 Release Date and Spoilers: Epic Fight Between Vegeta and Granolah

Dragon Ball Super

The Dragon Ball Super manga has become one of the best-selling graphic novels/Mangas in recent years. As recently as April 2021, a total of around 3 million Tankobon volumes have been sold in Japan. 

Written by Akira Toriyama himself and illustrated by Toyotarou, it started getting serialized in V Jump from June 2015. The manga has had a total of 73 chapters, which have performed extremely well among fans and critics alike. Chapter 73 was released in June.

The upcoming chapter, Dragon Ball Super Chapter 74, will be getting released soon and fans are going crazy with excitement and enthusiasm! A lot of sneak peeks and spoilers have been released as well, which only worked to increase the hype. 

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 74

That’s exactly why we’ve brought you all the information like the release date and spoilers of Dragon Ball Super Chapter 74.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 74 Spoilers

Some of the spoilers have already been out in the public and we have a concise idea of what will happen in #74. Chapter 74 will explore Granolah’s story and give us more insight into his character. 

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It will first show Vegeta and Granolah having a chat, during which the latter reveals that he’s been saving up his energy for “Freeza”. During the conversation, the two find out that they disagree over Freeza, the Saiyans’ past, the Cerelians, and many small things. 

This disagreement leads to the two combatting each other in a massive and destructive manner. Some panels of the upcoming chapter also revealed that Vegeta, being slightly more sensible, tries to stop the fight with Granolah. Vegeta implores that the matter’s techniques like body tricks won’t have the same effect as they did on Goku.

Meanwhile, Goku, who was earlier defeated by Granolah using his secret technique, wakes up and witnesses the explosive battle. Dragon Ball Super Chapter 74 promises to be filled with memorable action sequences with the two showcasing and flexing their strength and techniques.

dragon ball super chapter 74
Dragon Ball Super #74 First Draft Panel

Though Granolah has the upper hand initially and injures Vegeta grievously, Vegeta later metamorphosizes into a form that is reminiscent of Goku’s Super Saiyan 3 form from Dragon Ball Z. The form has no eyebrows and huge flames envelop his body, giving him a terrifying, otherworldly appearance. 

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 74 Expectations

Most of these spoilers and leaks are interesting and likely true but there’s always the chance that they’re the imagination of some passionate fan. It’s probable that Vegeta and Granolah will be fighting in various places and settings of Planet Cereal like water bodies and mountains. 

We can also expect the mysterious past of Granolah to be revealed soon as we delve deeper into the reasons why he and Vegeta are fighting. Fights in Shōnen anime often get elongated and painfully long but hopefully, this will be an exception. 

It’s too early to find out who will win but if Vegeta’s new form is powerful enough, Granolah could be defeated. However, it’s always likely that Goku will intervene and save him from being murdered after realising something crucial. 

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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 74 Release Date

Different people from different regions will get to read the new chapter at different times. Japanese readers will get to read the latest DBS chapter at midnight Japanese Standard Time on the 20th of July 2021. 

However, fans outside Japan have to wait for translations in English, German, Spanish, etc. These often take longer time but that’s okay! 

Release Time For Various Time Zones:

Pacific Time: 9:00 AM PDT

British Time: 5:00 PM EDT

Central Time: 11:00 AM CDT

Eastern Time: 12:00 PM EDT

Where To Read Dragon Ball Super

You can catch the latest chapter on Viz Media and Shueisha’s Manga Plus!

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