Dragon Ball Super: Chapter 71 leaks confirm that Granola is not the villain

Warning: this note includes spoilers for chapter 71 of the Dragon Ball Super manga by Akira Toriyama, Toyotaro and publisher Shueisha!

When the arc of the Dragon Ball Super manga “Granola, the survivor” was announced, and the key character of this new plot was shown, the looks pointed to that Granola would be the new villain of the saga.

But over the months, each chapter showed characteristics of this character that did not make him look like a bad person and now, the drafts of # 71 could advance what many suspected: that he will not be the main antagonist if not perhaps, an ally of heroes.

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Granola first appeared in chapter 69 of the manga, “Conclusion and…”, assaulting a spaceship carrying a restored android 7-3, which survived the battle against Moro. Facing dozens of OG soldiers, he managed to keep the powerful android to hand it over to a group of mercenaries called The Heeters. This group does not seek power, as would commonly happen, but rather goes after information.

Who is also a mercenary is Granola. He was born on the Cereal Planet about fifty years ago from the present time in history, but his people were massacred by the Saiyans under the orders of Freeza. For this reason he hates the warrior race and the Emperor of Evil and wishes revenge for his people.

Seeing that the memories of that moment still torture him at night and he wants to end the villain so that the genocide does not go unpunished, Granola only shows himself to be someone tormented by this great trauma that was created in him and his motivations can be understood. He does not want power to dominate others, or wealth, or money. We could hardly see him as a villain until now.


A few words from Whis in the preview for manga 71 could confirm it. In the first pages, revealed on dragonball.news , the angel has a chat with Goku about the abilities of his race, Ultra Instinct and the new level that the hero can reach. But he also emphasizes that the time to get stronger could be ending, due to the appearance of “someone very powerful.”

Taking into account that the fact that “the most powerful warrior in universe 7 was about to be born” was handled and in the previous chapter, Granola made the dragon of the planet Cereal fulfill his wish, it is practically a fact that they refer to him. The interesting thing is that when Goku asks him if he is a new enemy, Whis replies that he is not sure that this powerful guy is really an enemy.

If the angel is talking about Granola, everything fits with what is shown in these chapters of the manga. But then, who would be the enemy of this saga? There are several options.

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The first that Granola is and they are deceiving us; the second, that it is someone we have not seen yet, as happened when Androids 17 and 18, 19 and 20 were introduced; and the ultimate villain was Cell; and the last one, that it is someone who has already introduced us, but with a not so high profile.

In this case the gazes would go to Elec, the eldest of the Heeters. The leader of the gang is, apparently, the most powerful of them and during the last two episodes he has revealed his intentions to provoke a confrontation between Freeza, the Saiyans and Granola, with the aim that they kill each other and leave him the free way for your business.

Elec may not be on the level of power of these rivals, but with Android 7-3 in his possession there are many tools that he can draw on, such as information about Zuno and the Super Dragon Balls or even the power of Meerus that this subject copied in the battle before Moro.

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