Dragon Ball Super Chapter 79 Release Date and Spoilers: Gas VS Granolah


Granolah and Vegeta have stopped fighting after getting to know new information about the past. But since DBS is a Shonen manga, new adversaries arrive and Gas overwhelms the exhausted Granolah and Goku with his destructive attacks and energy shocks. Will they be able to defeat Gas in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 79? To find out more, scroll down further. 

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 79 Release Date

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 79 will be getting released on the 20th of December 2021. Every new chapter gets released on a monthly basis. 

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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 78 Recap

The previous chapter titled “Gas’s Wish” begins with Macki racing to Elec and Gas though she’s out of breath. He informs them about how unexpectedly, Granolah has stopped fighting Goku and Vegeta, when mere minutes back, he was hell bent on murdering them, due to Monaito’s influence. 


Gas and Macki take this opportunity to face the trio who’s been exhausted from all the fighting. The timeline shifts back to Vegeta, Granolah, Goku, and Monaito after the start of Dragon Ball Super Chapter 78. 

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 78

Monaito is questioned by Granolah about why he never told him that the Heeters were to blame for his mother’s death. His position is worsened by the fact that he used to work for them.

The Namekian calmly reveals that it was the only way to stay alive. Goku and Vegeta immediately sense a massive power signature heading their way, which Granolah recognised as the Heeters’. Macki reveals that they must now eliminate Granolah and the Saiyans. 


Thus, to make this process easier, she tells them that she made a crafty plan to dupe them into fighting. They next introduce Gas, who is described as “the universe’s true toughest warrior.”

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 78

Gas then launches an energy blast at them, destroying Granolah’s ship in the process. He then uses an instantly-constructed energy spear with which he skewers Granolah.

Goku tries to attack, but Gas effectively immobilises Goku with energy cubes. Gas notices that Goku is Bardock’s kid and wonders if his old adversary is still alive. Everyone in that generation of Saiyans died, Vegeta says. 


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Before Gas decapitates Goku, Granolah shoots the Heeter from behind before he can finish his swing. Then, when Granolah and Gas are busy fighting each other, Monaito unbinds Goku and heals him so that he saves Granolah. 

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 78

Granolah is getting overwhelmed by the more powerful Gas and enquires why he was allowed to live. Gas replies that they didn’t know he survived and got to know about his existence after he became a bounty hunter. 


In another intriguing flashback, we see Granolah when he was young trying to become a successful bounty hunter. We catch glimpses of him doing target practice in one of Planet Cereal’s forests. Monaito is forced to not reveal the truth of Elec having murdered the Cerealian’s mother. 

While Monaito struggles with healing Goku’s grievous wounds, they learn of Vegeta’s last Senzu Bean but they don’t know who deserves it more. Moreover, Goku believes that the Freaky Face Mode is the solution to defeat someone like Gas. 


Goku joins the battle between Granolah and Gas. Vegeta finds the Senzu Bean and gives it to Granolah because apparently, he needs it the most. 

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 79 Spoilers

The raw scans of every upcoming DBS chapter get released 2-3 days before the official release date. They’ll get released around 16-17 December, a perfect Christmas treat! 


Will Granolah take the Senzu Bean or not? If he does, there is a good chance that he’ll be able to defeat Gas. Both Vegeta and Gas haven’t been able to utilize their influx of energy properly which means Gas hasn’t reached his full potential yet. 

Where To Read

The DBS chapters will be available for reading on Viz Media and MangaPlus.

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