Dragon Ball Super Chapter 82 Release Date, Spoilers, and Other Details

Dragon Ball Super

Gas undergoes two transformations in the latest chapter of the Dragon Ball Super manga. The conflict is getting all the more intense and exciting. To know more about what will happen in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 82, keep reading this article!

About The Manga

The plot of Dragon Ball Super follows Goku and his pals through the ten-year time jump following Majin Buu’s defeat. It is a continuation of the events depicted in the main Dragon Ball Super manga.

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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 81 Recap

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 82

The title of Chapter 81 is “Goku’s Conflict”. During his battle with Granolah, Goku, and Vegeta, Gas may transform into two different forms. The first is a sort of unrestrained rage. Gas is able to parry Goku’s hand after a flashback of his fight with Bardock 40 years ago, but his recollections cause him to lose his balance, and Goku’s strike hits him hard.

After remembering Bardock, Gas becomes perplexed. Elec, his brother, appears and tells Gas that he will never lose again. Gas gives a nod to his brother, and his body alters once more, allowing him to reclaim consciousness.

Gas reverts to adulthood, but he retains the horns on his brow and a new costume (just like the old one).Elec praises Gas for his work and commands them to kill his adversaries . Gas nods his head as he glances at Elec. He can now control his Berserk state.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 82 Spoilers

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 82

The raw scans for the upcoming chapter usually get released a week or 2-3 days before the official release date. They are often released on DBS Chronicles, a Twitter account that releases spoilers that are considered legit. When they are released, we’ll update it here.

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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 82 Release Date

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 82 is scheduled to get released on 20th of March 2022. Every new chapter of Dragon Ball Super gets released on a monthly basis. The release timings differ based on whatever region you belong to.

Where To Read

You can catch all the latest chapters of Dragon Ball Super from Viz Media and MangaPlus.

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