Dragon Ball Super: This is how Goku will completely dominate the Ultra Instinct of the Angels

Dragon Ball Super has introduced throughout its episodes multiple forms of power for both Goku and Vegeta. However, what is clear is that the path to be followed by the protagonist of the franchise now is none other than that marked by the Ultra Instinct of the Angels. Thus, in the 71st chapter of the manga discover how Goku must seek to completely dominate this model of power of divine beings.

To make it more graphic, we share an image taken from the manga itself, in which Whis reveals the secret of his power to Goku:

As we can see, it seems that the main idea around Ultra Instinct is that Goku must completely change his traditional mentality. Since the days of Kaio-Ken, the protagonist of the franchise has used ‘transformations’ to increase his combat capabilities, and in fact this is how he accesses Ultra Instinct to date. However, Whis assures him that this is not the way to master the power of the Angels.

In this way, it is established that Goku must master the physical movement of Ultra Instinct without any transformation, simply managing to naturally empty his heart and mind to get his reactions to flow freely. In the manga itself we already have the initial results of this new form of training, as can be seen below:


Ultimately, Whis advises Goku to ‘transform’ into Ultra Instinct just like it was up his sleeve, when the combat situation calls for it. Consequently, at the same time we have to assume that the next time we see Goku’s Ultra Instinct in transformation, it will already be more powerful than the one that was shown during the fight against Moro. And we must not forget that it was also Whis who revealed that each user of Ultra Instinct is at a different level from the other.

We will see, then, if with the fuse of the conflict already lit between Goku/Vegeta and Granola we will soon see in full power the result of the training of both protagonists. With some luck, this will happen through manga 72 of “Dragon Ball Super“, which will be published during the month of May.

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