Hoshiai no Sora/Stars Align: No Movie or Sequel, But More Chapters


In 2019 we were able to enjoy Hoshiai no Sora, a sports anime that, however, hid all kinds of stories full of deep trauma for some of its young protagonists. Although anime gradually gained popularity to become one of the best-known names of the year, a sudden calendar change forced the story to be cut, leaving it with an abrupt end. Thus, the then director of the television adaptation has sought to fix this scenario.

On previous occasions we got to know about how Akane Kazuki, the aforementioned director, was looking for ways to be able to complete the story properly after production did not allow it. In such a way, today we know that the director recently shared positive and negative news regarding the future of “Hoshiai no Sora”, one of the most exciting among them being that we will have new chapters for the anime.

Kazuki-san has thus stated that chapters 13 to 24 will be worked on, thus completing the original planned extension before “Hoshiai no Sora” closed its events with a truly shocking chapter 12. Likewise, Mr. Kazuki clarifies that chapter 13 will help to understand how much is seen in the video as an epilogue that was published a few months ago, and that it placed the protagonists in a later scenario than what was seen in the last chapter of the anime . At the moment we do not know when these 12 remaining chapters of the anime will be broadcast.

In not so positive news, the director mentioned that there are no plans to make a movie or a sequel to “Hoshiai no Sora”. The reason for this is that, unfortunately, he has not been able to find any company that intended to finance what this project would be. In such a way, for now we can only wait for more details to be shared regarding this that we could consider as a second season for the “Hoshiai no Sora” anime.


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