Easter eggs in Marvel Studios Loki With Trailer We missed, Have A Look At The Trailer Dissection


Marvel Studios released a new mid-season trailer for Loki Season 2, hinting at a Groundhog Day-esque scenario where Loki will re-live moments throughout the season.

The first indication comes from a new look at a scene from Episode 4, where Victor Timely (Jonathan Majors), Loki (Tom Hiddleston), Mobius (Owen Wilson), Casey (Eugene Cordero), and O.B. are game-planning (again) how to fix the Temporal Loom.

Loki speaking with OB about the Temporal Loom.

The next image is abstract and could be a misdirection shown in the trailer. Simply viewing the trailer, the TVA is suffering a spaghettification effect (similar to Victor Timely’s death in Episode 4), and then, Loki suddenly time-slips.


In the trailer, it’s edited so it looks like he heads to a Piranha Powersports story on what’s likely the Sacred Timeline. In reality, who knows when Loki time-slips to this moment?

Loki time-slipping in the TVA.
A highly-anticipated moment is also spoiled: Owen Wilson as Mobius (or whatever his name is) in the real world. He appears to be a salesman at the local Powersports store, trying to sell Loki an ATV.

Owen Wilson as a Mobius variant.

An alternative look at what appears to be a room in the TVA is also shown. In this image, viewers can see Hunter B-15 in non-TVA attire, indicating this is possibly a different Variant from the timeline.


Hunter B-15 and Loki is new TVA room.

Another spoiler shot from this same room is shown at the end of the trailer with alternative versions of O.B., Casey, and Mobius all there.

An incredibly spoiler-filled moment is the realization that Victor Timely may get a second chance at life, fixing the Temporal Loom, and saving the TVA.

The sequence of events is fuzzy, but somehow, it looks like Loki will be able to correct some of their prior mistakes from Episode 4.


The 90-second-long mid-season trailer can be watched below:

Why Marvel Studios Spoiled Loki?

The end of Loki Episode 4 was epic and created a shockwave throughout the entire fandom. Some even compared it to the feeling after watching 2018’s Avengers: Infinity War for the first time.

Not only was the death of Victor Timely shocking, but the idea of the TVA no longer existing was hard to imagine as that has been the main hub of the Loki series.


It’s a surprising marketing move to use spoiler-filled images and scenes of the upcoming conclusion.

While the editing is tricky to fully dissect a sequence of events, it’s clear that Hiddleston’s Loki is going to be re-living several key moments in order to undo the TVA’s destruction.

Anticipation was already high for Episode 5, and depending on the viewer, this mid-season trailer either diminished that excitement or further boosted one’s hype.

Either way, fans should be expecting Loki to continue his quest to save, fix, and maybe even run the TVA by the end of this season.


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