What Happens in Loki’s Final Episodes? How Many Episodes Left To Finale?

Loki Episode 6

Just like Loki’s first season, Loki Season 2 consists of six episodes; now that Episode 4 has dropped, only two episodes remain within the MCU’s first sophomore season.

The next two episodes of Loki will continue to premiere on Thursdays on Disney+ on the following dates and times:

Episode 5: November 2 at 9 pm ET
Episode 6: November 9 at 9 pm ET

While Episode 5 debuts on November 2, the finale, which is Episode 6, drops on November 9 the day before The Marvels’ theatrical release.

What Happens in Loki’s Final Episodes?

Not only did Episode 4 end with the sudden death of Victor Timely but also the collapse of the overloaded Temporal Loom.

Before the episode cut to black, a bright light filled the TVA control room, suggesting the destruction of the TVA, Loki, and the show’s cast.

With two episodes remaining and the potential for a Season 3, Loki still has more story left to tell.

It’s worth noting there is trailer footage that has yet to be seen in the show, such as Loki appearing at the Piranha Powersports dealership.

Perhaps Loki will finally encounter a jet-skiing Mobius on the Sacred Timeline?

Other footage involves objects unwinding around Sylvie, similar to how Victor Timely disintegrated, as well as her encountering a device that blasts blue light.

Fans also know that Loki returns to He Who Remains’ Citadel at the End of Time at some point in Season 2.

While it’s tough to say how the series continues after Episode 4’s events, a Loki producer has confirmed that it will as, unlike Season 1, the Season 2 finale won’t be a cliffhanger.

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