Emily In Paris Season 2 Begins Production In Paris

Emily In Paris

With some parts of the world going into the second phase of lockdowns, it is right for us to hear some good news on the entertainment front, and Emily In Paris didn’t fail.

Emily Again In Paris

Season one of Emily In Paris was a hit for Netflix and a virtual reality for many who always wanted to visit Paris and walk its streets.

Most of the youngsters connected with it just for the clothes, the food, hot men, and cheesy story, which we badly wanted with the whole pandemic going on.

No matter how many people think it’s cheesy, it still got good ratings and will be a binge-worthy show. The end of the first season saw Emily almost losing her job permanently but saved by the dead end.


Emily is still in Paris, and the cast has finally landed and begun production in Paris.


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When will Emily In Paris Season 2 release?

Well, it’s too early to tell you about what Netflix has in mind, but if an American show is starting production in Paris, it should be clear that cases in Paris are not severe.


Because if the condition was bad, we don’t think they would’ve gotten the clearance for shooting the second season.

With a lot still in line, the show goes into production, hoping that everything will happen the way they planned. If things don’t get interrupted in the middle, then we might actually get the second season of Emily In Paris by the year-end.

What will be the second season of Emily In Paris be about?

Well, we know the guy she loves is staying back, and fans will get to see more of Gabriel, the hot chef. Will she or will she not tell Camille about Gabriel will be another plot we could definitely expect.

Now that Sylvie is a little bit okay with Emily, maybe we will see them both becoming a workspace power couple?


We will get to see how Emily and her hilarious friend Mindy find a way to manage their friendship and stay as roommates.

Because we all know that being roommates don’t come that easy.

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