Know Your MHA Character: Eraserhead


Eraserhead is a pro hero in the My Hero Academia universe. His real name is Shouta Aizawa.

He is 31 years of age and stands at 183 cm. According to the manga, he was born on 8th November.

Eraserhead is also a teacher at UA High School teaching young heroes. He is the homeroom teacher of class 1-A. He is a strict teacher but is well respected by the students and staff.

Unlike his colleagues, he prefers underground hero work and is quite infamous among villains.

His teaching methods involve using lies and logical ruses to make his students put in maximum effort. This lies also subtly motivate the students.

Eraserhead being iconic

He is also well known for threatening students with expulsion if they fail to perform. So far he has expelled 154 students.

Aizawa’s quirk is Erasure, which can temporarily erase other people’s quirks simply by looking at them. However, this only works as long as Aizawa’s eyes are open and aimed at the opponent.

As a result, he suffers from dry eyes and is often seen applying eye drops.

He appears haggard and irritable due to his insomnia. There is a running joke that the animators have inserted which shows Aizawa in a sleeping bag in many scenes.

Apart from his quirks, Eraserhead is fast, agile, and strong. He is also a master of Close Quarter Combat and is very innovative in combat.

He has shown to have used his quirk in many effective ways. One of his signature weapons is his scarf which is made of steel wire alloy woven with carbon nano-fibers.

This weapon also acts as a restraining device. Aizawa also wears a pair of goggles to hide his eyes from opponents.

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