Extraction 2: An Update By Russo Brothers

Given the record-setting success of Avengers: Infinity War, followed by the even bigger Avengers: Endgame, Joe and Anthony Russo can probably write their own checks for a while.

In the wake of directing Chris Hemsworth in two consecutive films, most guys would probably want a nice pallet cleanser, shooting a movie starring someone with a dad bod to readjust their own expectations for what the human body should look like.

But no, not the Russo brothers. They’re already working on an Extraction sequel. That’s right: in some big news for those who enjoy watching Thor slaughter rooms full of people, the Extraction universe looks set to expand in the next year or two.

“Yeah we’re still working on two,” Joe Russo told ComicBook.com in an interview published November 24, 2020. “We’re in the script phase right now but we’re hoping to shoot that sometime next year. And then you know, say I’m super excited, Hemsworth’s super excited, Netflix is excited so it’s really just a function of getting the script done.”

When last we saw him, Hemsworth’s Tyler Rake was over the proverbial coals, and there’s no word yet on how the filmmakers plan to pull him out of the fire. All audiences can do, for now, is wait — warmed by the knowledge that he’ll soon be extracting stuff again.


The Call Came In For More Extraction

Extraction fight choreography was widely applauded by critics

That a sequel would come from the original film shouldn’t be a surprise: in July of 2020, Bloomberg reported that Extraction was the streaming service’s most-viewed original motion picture to date, with an estimated audience of 99 million.

Extraction punched, kicked, stabbed, and shot its way onto Netflix in April of 2020, instantly finding a fan base among punching, kicking, shooting, and stabbing enthusiasts. Much of this came courtesy of first-time feature film director Sam Hargrave, a stunt coordinator, and performer who had worked with the Russo brothers on all four of their MCU entries, before hopping into the director’s chair for Extraction. The movie’s fight choreography and action cinematography were widely lauded by critics.

“(…) I think working with a first-time filmmaker certainly has its issues, but they’re all overcomeable in our opinion,” Joe Russo told ComicBook.com when discussing the duo’s work with another first-timer, Matthew Michael Carnahan.

Extraction was criticized for using the yellow air filter on Bangladesh

“It’s just how you surround that person with the right support and love and motivation. But first-time filmmakers can bring a level of enthusiasm to a project that perhaps, you know, a more seasoned filmmaker or someone who has seven things on their plate can’t.”

It’s still early days, though, so for now, there’s no word on whether the Russos, who served as producers on the first Extraction movie, will be bringing Hargrave back for the second outing.


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