Doctor Strange Multiverse of Madness: Elizabeth Olsen Has Begun Filming


According to the promotional interview Elizabeth Olsen did for WandaVision with Empire magazine, it is seen that she has already begun filming Multiverse of Madness.

Back to Back Filming

In a now released issue of the magazine, Elizabeth Olsen shares her development with the Superhero character and how filming WandaVision and Multiverse of Madness back to back has helped her contribute more.

“I’ve spent the last year with Wanda. And it’s incredible to go back-to-back because I feel I can contribute so much more now.”


Has Benedict Joined?

What does this mean, you ask? Well, that makes two of us. But according to what we can gather, the filming of Multiverse of Madness had actually begun when Benedict Cumberbatch had said it would.

This issue was released recently, but the interview was taken some weeks back, which means that Elizabeth Olsen is currently in London and has started filming.


Marvel should run a spy organization


Marvel, as we have told a thousand times before, is really good at sneaking around. So, there is no doubt that Elizabeth Olsen has already started filming.

So now the question is, has Benedict Cumberbatch finished Spider-Man 3 shooting? Not sure!

Even though Elizabeth Olsen has joined the crew to start filming, we are unsure about Benedict’s whereabouts. Simply because Wanda has begun filming, we can’t confirm that Doctor Strange has joined too.

Solo Scenes 

There are many chances that Scarlett Witch might have scenes with other members of the Doctor Strange cast or solo scenes which are being shot now. According to Elizbeth Olsen, she will be spending Christmas in London this year because of her shooting schedule. Other than that, we have no idea how significant her role is.

But, if she already has started filming and will continue to do so for more than a month, it shows that she might have a slightly more prominent role in the movie than just some cameo or a short role.

Is Wanda Maximof the key to the opening of Marvel Phase 4

Just a Cameo?

Even though we have been able to figure out about Olsen’s role in Multiverse of Madness, what remains a mystery still is Doctor Strange’s role in Spider-Man 3.

One thing we can say, Cumberbatch not having a social media account is an advantage to Marvel to keep secrets like these. Because otherwise, fans would’ve sniffed out what’s going on now and when he reached Atlanta and when he will leave.

We are so excited to see Wanda Maximoff in action, let it be in a cameo, small role, more significant role, villain role, or protegee role same goes for Doctor Strange in Spider-Man 3.

If the plot we read recently is the actual plot of Multiverse of Madness, then we will definitely see how Wanda learns to control and tap into her powers.



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