Fairy Tail: Relationship between Juvia and Gray

Gruvia is one of the most popular ships among the Fairy Tail fandom. Originally, some found Juvia’s obsession for Gray slightly unpleasant. But eventually, after witnessing Juvia’s genuine love for Gray, fans have considered it rather entertaining and adorable.

As the show progresses, Gray starts developing feelings for Juvia and eventually falls head over heels for her. Hiro Mashima, the author of the series regularly posts Gruvia content on his Twitter page

The pair has such an active fandom, every September 10th is celebrated as Gruvia day by fans. Lately, Mashima also joined the act by posting the contents of the pair.

If you have been a loyal shipper of Gruvia, head down below to devour more about the relationship of these two characters.

Fairy Tail: About JUVIA and GRAY

Gray is a member of the Fairy Tail guild, who has a great sense of comradeship and is truly devoted towards his guild. He has a rather mellow personality but gets serious when the situation calls for it. Gray also has a weird habit of removing his clothes at inappropriate moments. Later on, Juvia picks up this habit from him.

Juvia was originally a mage of the Phantom Lord Guild. She wasn’t hated by the Fairy Tail members upon joining their guild, but rather maintains a good relationship and she deeply cares for them. Just like she picks up Gray’s habit, Gray also acquires Juvia’s style of making adorable faces at cute things. 

Relationship of Gruvia


It was love at first sight for Juvia, but eventually Gray falls hard for her. Her love for Gray has always been genuine, as proved when the Maguilty sense works on her and Gray (a spell that only works on two people with strong bonds).

Though Gray acts mean towards Juvia, he gladly sacrifices his life for her during the Dragon invasion. He also gets very jealous when Lyon declares his love for Juvia. His feelings for her were shown openly during the battle against Invel.

When they were attacked with the Ice Lock Spell, Gray and Juvia gave up their lives for each other because they were trying to protect one another. This proves their deep affection for each other.

 Juvia and Gray’s romantic development in the series is what makes them set off as a fan-favorite couple.


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