Kaichou-Wa Maid Sama: The love between Takumi Usui and Misaki Ayuzawa


Maid Sama is a manga series authored by Hiro Fujiwara. An anime adaptation was produced by J.C.Staff and ran for 26 episodes between April and September 2010. This romantic comedy series became insanely popular among anime fans.

What makes it so great about this anime is the main couple, Takumi and Misaki. Even though they have clashing personalities, they work so well together. And also the comical scenes and the Cutest moments of theirs make people love this anime. 

Fans of Maid Sama! In this article, we will explore the dramas and love shared between Usui and Misaki. So scroll down below to dig into their thrilling love story.

Maid Sama: About the anime



Takumi Usui is greatly admired and respected for his looks and well-accomplished records. While Misaki is nicknamed the “Demon President” as she has gained a reputation among the male students as a male hating dictator but a shining hope for the female students and teachers.

However, despite her keeping a tough appearance, she has a secret which she hides from the world. Unfortunately, Takumi finds out her secret, when he sees her in a maid uniform after school.

The series follows Takumi constantly doing his best to woo her. While all the girls in the school confess their love for him, he only has eyes for Misaki.

How was their relationship?



Usui gets too drawn to Misaki so much so that he tends to get into her business. He protects her and usually notices all the stress that she is under. Takumi usually teases Misaki, which also means that he’s more vulnerable with her than with other people. She is the first person he has ever shared about his family situation.

When we first see Misaki Ayuzawa, she presents herself as a man-hater. This is understandable given the bad experience with her father. However, it was Usui who makes her see that all boys are not bad. And this is exactly what she needs, someone who restores her trust in men and humanity. 

Takumi and Misaki complement each other in many situations. And this is what makes them a perfect pair.


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