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Fans Reacting To Sex Education Season 3 Moments

Netflix dropped one of the most awaited series sequels of the year- Sex Education Season 3. The series drew a lot of buzzes earlier for breaking stereotypes over sex. The episodes bring in heartfelt moments, hilarious sex scenes, and leave the viewers on frustrating cliffhangers (aka voicemailgate).

Owing to the recent spectacular season, the Fans have flooded Twitter with their reactions and favourite moments.

Otis and Ruby 

Fans have gone all rolled over Otis and Ruby’s relation in Season 3. The views felt happier seeing Otis and Ruby together than with Maeve. Ruby really was into Otis. A relation that began just a casual fling turned out to be something intimate for Ruby.

We feel bad, we all are feeling bad 🙁 Nevertheless, if Emma Mackey aka Maeve Wiley decides to leave the show we can hope Ruby and Otis will be together in the upcoming season.

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Sex Education ft. 1917

The fans have never thought the writer would give a hilarious twist to the 1917 movie scene. The scene was fun to watch Otis running across the field being attacked by girls running. “You go against gravity and you shall be repelled” – same did happen with Otis here.

New School Principal – Hope Haddon

This woman managed to pull off all these three adjectives – Gaslight, Gatekeep, Girlboss. Call her Hitler or even let’s bring in our Harry Potter reference. She managed to pull off the new age Dolores Umbridge. We hated her but we hated Hope more.

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Switch of events

The characters in this season went through major changes of events. The Most Valuable Players of the season were Ruby, Annie, Adam, and a very new entry to the Sex Education family Cal. These four managed to pull out emotions from the core of our hearts.

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Are you one of those who haven’t watch the series? Head away directly to Netflix and binge-watch the most amazing adult series of the year.


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