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When Is Sex Education Season 4 Releasing

Sex Education Season 3 was just released. The subtle changes in the plot and character twist made most of us hooked for 8 hours gouging our eyes on the screen. The series left us on a cliffhanger wanting to decode when is the next season going to drop by.

Netflix hasn’t yet confirmed if season 4 is on the table. Nevertheless, various possible unanswered questions hint a new season is on the way soon.

 Otis and Maeve 

The relationship between Otis and Maeve has troubled us in all three episodes. Things were appearing to end better in season 3. But OOPs, Maeve is moving to the USA leaving Otis.

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Eric and Adam  

These two gay couples ended their relationship on a bitter note. Eric seemed to have found himself but Adam seemed to have lost again himself.

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Nevertheless, Adam did win the Dog competition with Madam and is friends with Rahim. Is it possible? Lowkey there’s numerous possibility to explore in season 4.

Jackson and Cal 

Sex Education season 3: Release date, new cast, first trailer | BT TV

These two bring completely different perspectives to love. Despite Cal being a Queer person, Jackson still perceived her as a female. It took Jackson time to emotionally educate himself and accept Cal. Later in the episode, Jackson accepted what Cal had to say and they hugged it out, cementing their friendship.

Will their friendship again take a romantic turn? We need season 4 to know that.

Jean and Jacob 

Does Jean die in Sex Education season 3?

Jean and Jacob became parents. But is Jacob father of Jean’s baby girl, the writers did not answer. The scene ended with Jean with an exasperated look after opening the test report. Isn’t Jacob the child’s father? If not who is? How will Jacob, Otis, and Ola react to it? Season 4 has to be there.


The biggest question of the entire series is what happens to Moordale Secondary School. The investors have taken back their funding. The school is getting sold. Students have been asked to find a new institution to complete their final school year study.

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The school bonded the students together. If it is no more, what will be the new setting. Where will they complete their education?

The first two seasons arrived in January 2019 and 2020 respectively. But then pandemic knocked its usual schedule off course, hence season three’s September premiere. If we do get another installment, it certainly won’t be dropping in January 2022 given the condensed time frame, so we’re probably looking at September once again.

Good things come to those who wait, and all that.

For now, we can enjoy season 3 on Netflix.

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