Five Best Anime Shows you should watch right now on Netflix!

Japanese anime has been dominating the world with its wide range of different genres which caters to diverse viewers. Netflix has some of the best anime shows that need to be explored right now. The good news is we’ve gathered the top ones just for you.

Head down below to check if you can find one that suits your palette. But trust us, when we say that all are definitely worth checking out! These are the ones we have handpicked and are streaming on Netflix right now.



We are pretty sure you’ve heard of this anime, even though you haven’t watched it. So this classic anime seems to be the right one to start your watch. The story is about Naruto Uzumaki, a young ninja who along with his other ninja friends works on several missions. Since the demands are huge for this mind-blowing anime, it stretches to 720 episodes. 

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba

Demon Slayer is among the most successful shows right now. The second season is expected to come out in 2021. Its sequel film also became the highest grossing anime film of all time. The plot centres around a young boy Tanjiro Kamado, who becomes a demon slayer after his family gets slaughtered by demons. He seeks out to avenge their deaths and also search for a cure to his sister’s demon curse.

Food Wars!

If the words “food, life, cooking” excite you then this anime should be on your list. Be ready to get “foodgasm” though, as the art looks undeniably realistic. So it tells the story of an aspiring chef Soma Yukihira where he competes with other aspiring talented chefs in food battles. Food Wars is also rather an entertaining show due to the addition of comedy by the makers.


For those of you who are into horror and gore, this anime is perfect for you. The story follows a teenager named Shinichi Izumi and a tiny worm-like alien, Migi. They partner up to fight against parasites that try to take over humans and the earth. 

Your Lie in April

Fans of romance and drama will inevitably love this show. Not only does it provide a sentimental and touching narrative, but the musical aspects of the series are certainly worth mentioning. 

A young pianist named Kosei Arima loses the ability to hear after his mother’s death. Then he meets Kaori Miyazono who helps him return to his passion for music.


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