Five Notable Guinness World Record Holders from the Anime and Manga Community

Founded by Sir Hugh Beaver, Guinness World Records came into existence in 1955. It has been annually publishing world records of human achievements or any record of accomplishment. To be featured in the book is something any individual from around the world sincerely hopes for. 

It has also bestowed many awards for the best anime and manga out there. This doesn’t include only the creators who have produced significant works, but also the fans who display bizarre records and commitment to their love for the franchise. We’ve compiled the five most amazing Guinness World Records from the world of manga and anime.


Sazae-San: The longest-running anime series

Although the world thinks that the longest-running animated show is The Simpsons based on the episode run time, “Sazae-San” has been airing for more years. It premiered in Japan in 1969 and has been running for 50 years according to the record date, 2019. 

The anime is more well known in Japan and has more than 7,000 episodes. The longest-running anime that is in the second spot is Rantaro the Ninja Boy, which has given over 2,000 episodes. At this rate, it will not be an easy shot to break the record of Sazae-San, especially when the series is still ongoing.

Largest Collection of Pokemon Memento


Lisa Courtney from the UK entered the world record as the person with the largest Pokemon collection with 17,127 total items in 2016. Her assortment consists mostly of plushies and has also showcased her collection in a museum exhibition on pop culture.

The Mangaka Eiichiro Oda for his series “One Piece” 

Recorded in 2015, Eiichiro Oda holds the record for “the most copies published for the same comic book series by a single author” for his work One Piece. When the award was given, he had published 77 volumes, which means the numbers have increased now.

As of February 2021, the manga had over 480 million copies in circulation in 43 countries worldwide. Hence, making it the best selling manga series in history. 


Largest Collection of Hello Kitty

Retired Japanese Police Officer was recognized for his massive Hello Kitty collection of 5,169 items in 2016. Masao Gunji and his wife took over 35 years to build these collectibles. He has spent around 30 million yen($267,000) on the thousands of items, including the Hello Kitty House. 

Shotaro Ishinomori for publishing the Most Comics

Shotaro Ishinomori

Also known as the “King of Manga”, Shotaro Ishinomori holds the world record for “the most comics published by one author”. His posthumous works awarded him this award, totaling over 128,000 pages across 770 titles across 500 volumes. The mangaka’s eminent works will always persist for many generations to come.

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