One Piece: Official poll reveals the most popular characters


One Piece is an absolute landmark in the manga and anime industry. And its overall impact on the entertainment sector is one that can look many of the biggest brands outside the Japanese industry in the eye.

What makes Eiichiro Oda’s work so special is not only its intense fighting, but all the characters and stories we have come across until then. Today, a survey has determined the most popular faces of the entire series.

This survey that began months ago— here’s the link to it. It was carried out in an official tone and with a worldwide scope.

It sought to make this the most objective representation possible around the popularity scale of the characters of “One Piece“. Thus, after several days, we already have the final classification.


The list of results has been made through a point system based on the votes obtained

  1. Luffy – 1,637,921 points.
  2. Zoro – 1,445,034 points.
  3. Nami – 1,085,141 points.
  4. Sanji – 970,286 points.
  5. Tafalgar D. Water Law – 646,686 points.
  6. Nico Robin – 599,835 points.
  7. Boa Hancock – 392,951 points.
  8. Carrot – 388,565 points.
  9. Portgas D. Ace – 355,503 points.
  10. Sabo – 318,869 points.
  11. Yamato – 259,738 points.
  12. Shanks – 171,610 points.
  13. Don Quixote Rosinante – 157,167 points.
  14. Charlotte Katakuri – 152,070 points.
  15. Usopp – 131,090 points.
  16. Chopper – 116,364 points.
  17. Crocodile – 109,837 points.
  18. Jinbe – 102,354 points.
  19. Marco – 98,431 points.
  20. Donquixote Doflamingo – 96,402 points.

Here is the tweet by WSJ. It shows the results for the 200 characters of “One Piece” that have received the most votes, including the 20 highlighted here plus another 180 that also have been remembered by fans.


In a letter to thank everyone for the votes made, among which he has enjoyed the most ‘unexpected’, the author of “One Piece” has confirmed that he will make a special illustration for the 50 characters that have received the most votes. At the moment we do not know when this illustration can be seen publicly, but there is no doubt that it is another reason to keep an eye on “One Piece” soon.

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