The Leaks of Attack on Titan’s Ending Circulating on the Internet!

The Attack on Titan franchise has been with us for quite some time and has gained a huge fan base over the years. Hajime Isayama authored the manga and was serialized in September 2009, and has been collected into 33 tankobon volumes as of January 2021. 

About the Ending of Attack on Titan:

The ending of the series has been questioned by many viewers, while some seem to appreciate the way it was concluded. It is not surprising to expect some fans to feel dejected by the death of Eren, as he largely remained a legendary character in the story.


It was revealed by Isayama in a recent interview that he had to cut short the ending by 8-10 pages as the publisher was particular about the page limit. However, the good news is that the upcoming volume will have 8  additional pages. 

Moreover, it will not be an alteration of the previous ending but rather a more detailed explanation of the existing conclusion. It is rumoured to focus mostly on the main characters’ lives after Eren’s death.

The Leaks of the Additional Pages:

While many leaks are circulating on the internet, the most famous is the one where a couple is shown visiting a grave with their child. Fans suspect the man to be Jean who is visiting Eren’s grave with Mikasa and their baby. Zekken also confirmed this leak to be authentic.


Another disclosure is that Mikasa who is an old woman by now wears the scarf given by Eren. This goes on to show her undying love for Eren, and also that she could never forget him till her death. 

One more leak that became viral is the boy who walks into the tree’s cavity near Eren’s grave. This has led fans to wonder if this will be the development of a new story

While there are many fake leaks all over the Internet, these mentioned above are believed to be authentic. So then, can we expect a new beginning from the boy since he entered the tree that holds the will of Eren Yeager!


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