Healer Girl Episode 5 Release Date, Preview and Spoilers


Below, you’ll find everything you need to know about Healer Girl Episode 5.

About Healer Girl

In this world, there are three schools of medicine: Western medicine, Eastern medicine, and vocal medicine. Yes, there is such a thing as healing ailments through singing in this world! It is a special technique that improves the mental health of both patients and doctors alike. The anime follows the lives of such healer girls in training at the Karasuma Vocal Medical Institute.

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Recap of Healer Girl Episode 4

  • In this episode, we see our girls passing the provisional license exam and kickstarting their Healing careers by having to accompany an actual surgery. It’s a huge responsibility and they have less than a week to prepare.

Healer Girl Episode 4

  • So, Ria and Shoko come up with the idea of a horror movie training method to get them used to blood.
  • That aside, it’s a very interesting first job for Kana and the girls. Surgery itself is a test of a person’s ability to endure and concentrate.
  • We see the girls having to distribute themselves into different shifts and assigning certain parts to the one best suited for it. We get to see the trio working together in such a cohesive manner this episode.
  • The scene at the start of the operation when Kana slightly falters but her friends are there to help her is really endearing. It grounds the series as one where the theme of wholesome friendship between these girls is also key to enjoying whatever this series has to offer.
  • There’s also the reluctant surgeon who the girls are assisting. He’s initially standoffish, probably considering it’s some three local teenagers accompanying him on his first job.
  • But fortunately,for everyone’s sake, the girls are all professional and rise to the occasion and greatly help the surgeon and the rest of the surgical team when an unexpected complication pops up.

Healer Girl Episode 4

  • The surgeon later ends up thanking the girls.
  • We also learn a bit about Ria’s backstory. She initially began as a regular medical student before specializing in Healing and it has helped her secure some important connections in the larger medical world and partially contributes to her being such a respected source.
  • We’re also given a small hint at Kana’s still mysterious inspiration for becoming a Healer. We can’t wait to uncover it in future episodes!

Healer Girl Episode 4

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Healer Girl Episode 5 Release Date

Healer Girl Episode 5 is set to be released on Monday, May 2nd, 2022.


Healer Girl Episode 5 Spoilers

  • The title of the upcoming episode is “Blue Skies, Green Mountains, River Battles and the Galaxy Station”.
  • From the looks of the preview, Episode 5 seems like your mandatory anime beach episode. Kana and the girls are out enjoying some sort of a nature retreat with a couple of kids.

Healer Girl Episode 5

  • The upcoming episode promises fun after the seriousness of Episode 4.

Where to Watch Healer Girl Online?

You can watch the series on Crunchyroll where the original Japanese dub is available with English subtitles.

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