Here is What Henry Cavill Is Up to In His Christmas Break


The star of the Witcher franchise is now in a well-deserved Christmas break.

Early Christmas Break

After shooting continuously since the pandemic regulations became a little lenient, Henry Cavill got an early Christmas break than the other cast members because of his leg injury.

But the actor kept his fans updated on what he was up to and how he is handling all the free time. Now, this has something to do with his love for gaming.

Well, he plays Superman and then goes on to play another fictional character in the Witcher; if anything, we should’ve guessed by now that he is a serious Nerd and a gamer like us, sci-fi folks.

What was he up to in the Pandemic?



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But unlike us, who baked pie or slept through half of the quarantine, Cavill actually built a PC solely to pump it up for Video Games. Now that he is back home and is a little bored, he has put his time to use and is giving his PC an upgrade.

According to gamers, this upgrade is so powerful than the other graphic cards available. Cavill shared a picture of the new upgrade to fans through his Instagram account, and fans were quick to notice that the new graphic card was GeForce RTX 3090, which costs a whopping amount of $1499 at a bare minimum.

It Pays to Have Two Big Projects

Geralt of rivia (Henry Cavill)

It might be a deal-breaker for ordinary folks like us, but it would be a breeze with Witcher paycheck coming in for Cavill. The processing power 3090 gives is way more than what is needed to play a video game.

While this is a luxury many gamers just dream of, Cavil brought it to toy with it in his free time (oh, to be a millionaire)!

On other news, Henry Cavill has his hands full right now with Witcher season 2 and will be seen starting promotion from Snyder cut anytime now.

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As already confirmed, Henry Cavill will return as the monster hunter for the second season and will help train Ciri in areas of his expertise. It is also said that Geralt will finally bond with Ciri and that the series will cover those scenes as well.

How many “F**k” do you think Geralt will say while he learns new things about teenagers now that Ciri is under his guardianship?






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