Henry Cavill Praises Girlfriend for Support And How She Changed Him For Good


As Henry Cavill returns to the public spotlight once again thanks to his role as Superman in the DCU, he has discussed how his girlfriend Natalie Viscuso helps support him through his Hollywood endeavors.

After finally making his return to the DCU in the mid-credits scene from Black Adam, Cavill is at the top of the entertainment world once again after only a few seconds of new footage. This should only be the start of a long run for the British actor playing Clark Kent and his super alter-ego once again after a five-year span where he didn’t suit up in the red-and-blue outfit once.

HOLLYWOOD, CA – NOVEMBER 13: Actor Henry Cavill arrives at the premiere of Warner Bros. Pictures’ ‘Justice League’ at Dolby Theatre on November 13, 2017 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic)

And even as rumors circle about Cavill’s involvement in a number of different franchises, the actor remains level-headed and grateful for the opportunities he’s received since making it big with Man of Steel. Recently, he even dove into the boost that his family and his girlfriend have provided him as he once again takes his place at the forefront of the superhero movie fandom.

Henry Cavill Praises Girlfriend for Support

Actor Henry Cavill reminisced on his journey in Hollywood while praising his family and friends for everything they’ve done to help him.


Cavill first looked at the inspirations that he found while developing his skills, noting how tough it was “emotionally…psychologically…[and] physically,” particularly early in his career when he had to deal with a number of rejections. But even while dealing with the negative side of the business, he explained how “self-belief is really important” and how he tried to keep that confidence through all of his work over the years:

“I mean, the question has an implication, and I think with that, there’s a matter of self-confidence that comes to an actor which is necessary. You have to believe in yourself in order to achieve the things you want to achieve because it’s a dog-eat-dog industry, and it’s tough. It’s emotionally tough, it’s psychologically tough, it’s physically tough as well, but especially in the beginning phases where you’re always being told ‘no,’ and for various reasons. Whether it was a bad audition or whether you don’t look right or whether you’re not a big enough name yet. There’s a million reasons why you shouldn’t do the job, and sometimes only one that you should. And so, I think self-belief is really important, and there wasn’t a stage where I watched a performance and said ‘Oh, will I ever reach that level?’ It was more of a ‘Oh, I really enjoyed that, and I really want the opportunity to be able to do that, and I’m excited by the pursuit of that!’ And thankfully, so far, it seems to have turned out reasonably well, especially with the latest movies, and I hope to continue in that pursuit for the rest of my career.”

When asked who helped him with that confidence, Cavill gave credit to getting both of his parents’ approval along with his brothers, but he especially propped up his girlfriend, Natalie Viscuso.


The Superman star credited her for giving him “so much confidence” in himself while he works to improve as an actor and how she’s “opened a gateway for [him] to drive harder and pursue further” at every turn:

“I think…as ridiculous as it may sound, or as corny as it may sound, I think it’s my mother’s approval and my father’s approval. It’s turning to your family, to those who know you best, and to who you know best as well, so you can tell when they’re lying, and they say things like ‘You did a really good job there’ and it’s sincere. It’s not just a pat on the back and ‘Well done, dear’ and that sort of thing. You felt the sincerity. Sometimes, when I saw my older brothers look at me in a certain way and they said ‘Hey, that was really impressive!’ and you see the older brother being not only surprised but impressed, by a performance, and you think ‘Ok, maybe I do have this.’ But that’s only the very beginning stages of all that, and I think lately, my partner, Natalie Viscuso, has given me so much confidence in myself because it can be tough being away from everything, and you’re always breaking your own performances down and trying to work your best, but she has been an incredible support system for me and really opened my eyes to a lot of things and opened a gateway for me to drive harder and pursue further, and I’m eternally grateful for that.

The interviewer at Deadline also noted how Cavill was the only person not to mention a mentor or somebody in the movie industry and focus on family, leading the actor to joke about whether he did something wrong.


Superman’s Real Love Interest Making a Difference

While Henry Cavill is mostly a private person compared to most celebrities, he appears to be incredibly grateful for everything that his family and his girlfriend give him while he remains such a big figure in pop culture. Even after becoming Superman, he’s had some rough experiences over the last few years, and seeing the way Natalie Viscuso stands by his side through it all is something truly heartwarming for the DCU mainstay.

And with Cavill’s relationship going strong behind the scenes, his career also continues to blossom in the spotlight as well.

Following his return in Black Adam, Cavill is already set to continue evolving as Superman with a rumored Man of Steel 2 already in development, even though it forces him to leave his role in The Witcher behind. And as he keeps adding high-profile projects to his already impressive resume, his girlfriend and his family will remain an important support system for him though the entire journey.

Black Adam is now playing in theaters worldwide.


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