Here’s Everything We Know About The Backstory Of MCU Villain- Gorr the God Butcher

2022’s “Thor: Love and Thunder” was divisive among the MCU’s fandom. Some audience members felt that writer-slash-director Taika Waititi took the comics’ extremely dramatic source material and leaned too much into his trademark screwball comedy. There were also complaints that Gorr the God Butcher (Christian Bale) didn’t kill many gods on screen. But Waititi’s more humanoid conceptualization of Gorr and Bale’s characteristically intense and committed performance combine to give this villain the most heartbreaking backstory in the entire franchise.

Many MCU villains lose somebody or something, which sets them on a path toward vengeance. Gorr loses everything: his home world, his people, his family (culminating in the devastating death of his daughter in his arms), and finally, his faith.

When he realizes his hedonistic god Rapu has been completely oblivious to his people’s suffering, he vows to get retribution against the universe’s deities on behalf of its small folk. Armed with (and corrupted by) the Necrosword, Gorr butchers his own god, then sets off to slay the rest.

What we know of gods from the MCU (Ego, for example), and what we see of the gods assembled to party and protect themselves at Omnipotence City (in particular, Zeus) doesn’t exactly prove Gorr wrong. We can’t condone kidnapping kids and using them as god bait. Still, in the end, rather than wipe out all of existence’s immortals, Gorr gives his daughter another chance at a mortal life before his own time runs out only moments later.

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