Loki S2 Ep 5: Why Mobius Didn’t Want To Know His Backstory?


Following the cataclysmic events of Loki Episode 4, Season 2’s fifth episode titled “Science/Fiction” followed Tom Hiddleston’s Loki as he timeslipped through branched timelines in search of his TVA friends.

In addition to glimpses of Hunter B-15’s life and getting help from struggling writer OB, Loki timeslips to Cleveland, Ohio in 2022 where Mobius, as expected, is a jet ski salesman.

Season 1 of Loki teased Mobius’ love of jet skis when Loki found a watersports magazine on his desk.

And, while fans fully anticipated jet skis to play some part in Mobius’ other life, the confirmation was unfortunately spoiled in advance via a Loki featurette.


What fans didn’t know ahead of Episode 5 is that Mobius M. Mobius’ real name is Don and he’s the father of two young boys named Kevin and Sean.

While Mobius (aka Don) proves to be devoted to his sons, he doesn’t appear to be as organized or in control as he is at the TVA.

In addition, when attempting to sell one of his jet skis to Loki, he reveals that his “wife is long gone.”

Why Mobius Didn’t Want To Know His Backstory?

Since Mobius was willing to destroy the TVA for free will during Season 1, his lack of interest in his own backstory during Season 2 was surprising.


When Loki questions him about this in earlier episodes, he confesses that he likes his life at the TVA. But as Loki tries to understand his logic, acknowledging his backstory could be something bad, Mobius countered, saying, “Or something good. Something bad, I can handle. What if it’s something good?”

While his real life isn’t exactly great, his sons appear to be that “something good” he was afraid to know about because, if he knew, he would know what he lost.

What’s important now is Loki knows Mobius’ real backstory, and that’s sure to play a part in his decisions concerning Mobius or Don or both in the final Season 2 episode.

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