How Did Bruce Banner Injure His Arm?

How Did Bruce Banner Injure His Arm?

To be frank, Thanos was one strong purple mf because snapping with those infinity stones took away one precious life and seems like it has been troubling our dear Bruce Banner too.

We will never know how Thanos survived those snaps, but we might know how Bruce Banner survived.

How did Hulk injure his arms?

How Did Bruce Banner Injure His Arm?

She-Hulk Attorney at Law is out, and simply put, it is very entertaining and full of information about the OG Avengers, this show is about to become a massive hit like the rest of Phase 4, so Marvel can rest easy now.

Now, we last saw Hulk in all his glory in Avenger Endgame. Even then, he had turned himself into the Smart Hulk but still managed to fight alongside his fantastic team.


Now, after the snap, Hulk suffered injuries to his hand. It wasn’t made a big deal back then with Black Widow’s death and Iron Man’s sacrifice; now we get to see what really happened.

How is Hulk staying in his human form?

When we left Hulk in Endgame and even in the small cameo in Shang-Chi, he was still smart Hulk, but at the beginning of the first episode in She-Hulk, we see him in his regular human form.

How Did Bruce Banner Injure His Arm?

Now, once we get the explanation from Bruce, we come to a conclusion that Iron Man, aka Tony Stark, helped him build a lab there in Mexico and that Bruce Banner came up with a solution to fix his hand a little and help him stay in human form with a device that he calibrated himself according to his system.

This has helped him stay human, but it did not help him heal his hand. Apparently, Jen’s blood, once she turned into She-Hulk, helped his hand better than all his years at the lab.

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