How Did Hulk Get Iron Man’s Mask from Endgame?

How Did Hulk Get Iron Man's Mask from Endgame?

Is it even a marvel release if it does not mention Tony Stark? Iron Man has a massive impact on the entire events of MCU, so it is pretty impossible to forget him.

In the first, even though a short but unbelievably good episode of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, we get to see that Tony spent most of his time during the blip with Bruce Banner drunk complaining about Steve Rogers.

We also got to see the wood carving of their initials; no, we are not crying right now. But, just a minute, we will take a quick break for sobbing.

How Did Hulk Get Iron Man's Mask from Endgame?


Iron Man Mask from Endgame

We didn’t know what happened to Iron Man’s mask that was removed when they rushed to his aid at the ending of Avengers Endgame.

But it looks like Bruce Banner decided to save. With Natasha gone and the rest left in a state of emotional turmoil, the only one that was apparently a little sane during that time was Hulk.

How did Iron Man’s Endgame mask end up with Hulk?

How Did Hulk Get Iron Man's Mask from Endgame?

Since he was Smart Hulk at that time of Endgame events, he had the feeling of losing a friend very well in sync.


We do not get to see how it exactly ended up with Bruce, but we could see that the half-damaged mask of Iron Man from the end battle in Endgame was on display in Bruce Banner’s living room.

The house in Mexico along a serene beachside with a high-tech lab set by Tony Stark is literally the dream place if you just have someone to spend it with.

Anyway, we are yet to get a proper tour around the house, but we can tell you that it is filled with memories and souvenirs taken from the events with the OG Avengers.

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