How did Owen Wilson get his nose broken?


After years of wondering why Owen Wilson’s nose looks the way it does, the answer may not be too hard to find.

According to the Loki star, his distinct schnoz is thanks to breaking it twice throughout his life.

The first came during a high school scuffle between Wilson and a classmate when he was younger.

And the second was during an “intermural flag football” game at the University of Texas:

“How did Owen Wilson get his nose broken? At University of Texas we were doing intermural flag football and I got banged – but I also think just like as a kid ruffhousing.”

Wilson previously spoke about his nose to the Los Angeles Times, remarking it surprises him when people say he “look[s] kind of odd, disfigured.”

His crooked nose has come to be something that sets him apart from the crowd. But the actor thinks, “[his] nose wouldn’t have been that great even if it hadn’t been broken.”

There have also been rumors he further injured his nose during a motorcycle accident when he was younger, but the actor has yet to comment on that.

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