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Kevin Feige Confirms That Plans For The Next Big Event Movie Are “Well Underway”

A PICTURE OF Marvel Studios Kevin Feige

New Confirmation By President Of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige:

The president of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige confirms that Marvel already has plans for the next big event movie. We all know that there is no new Avengers movie currently in production.

Furthermore, Phases 4 or even 5 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe will not have any Avengers movie. However, Kevin Feige, the Marvel Studios President guarantees that there will be a big event movie in these phases. Moreover, plans for this movie is well underway, according to Marvel Studios Kevin Feige.

The Next Couple Of Phases In The Marvel Cinematic Universe:

Even with no Avengers movies, Phases 4 and 5 of the MCU are going to be awesome and exciting. This is due to the fact that we will have both TV series as well as movies on Disney Plus. The video streaming service already has over 50 different films and shows set up for fans.

However, there is no mention of a new Avengers movie. And while we do have the X-Men and Fantastic Four to look forward to, fans are more excited to see the next movie of the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. Even a crossover would be something worth waiting for!

Marvel Studios Kevin Feige And His Recent Announcement:

At the 2019 CCXP Convention at Sao Paulo, Brazil some days ago, the Chief of Marvel Studios shared a great piece of news with fans.

In addition to being the president, Feige is also the Chief Creative Officer of Marvel Studios. And in the convention, he answered questions about what exactly can be expected for this shared world.

In his answer, he said, “The MCU is all interconnected, but we focus on one movie at a time.” He then explained that “We’re going to make the best Black Widow movie we can make, the best Eternals movie we can make, the best Shang-Chi, the best Doctor Strange, Thor, Captain Marvel, Black Panther…and keep evolving their stories.”

Other Comments By The Marvel Studios President:

Feige further stated, “Then, yes, it is always fun to see them come together in a master plan.” Feige then went on to tease fans.

He continued, “Which is, I promise you well-underway.” In saying so, Feige clearly already knows what the next phase will bring for us. And judging by his statements, whatever Marvel has planned, is going to be very interesting.

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