How Does Loki Know About Avengers’ Time Travel?

How Does Loki Know About Avengers’ Time Travel?

One of the things with Loki is that he is unapologetically adorable sometimes. However, he does give us the I am burdened with glorious purpose speech when he is standing on trial before the TVA.

How was the first episode of Loki?

Loki’s first episode was, as Loki would say, glorious. It gave fans everything they ever wanted, and fans want the God of mischief back on the timeline now more than ever.

There was fun, laughter, sarcasm, drama, weeping, and everything within the 45 minutes, and we are already pinning for the second episode.

Hiddleston was, needless to say, amazing, and the chemistry between Owen Wilson’s Mobius and Loki is on point.

So, finally, we have something to obsess over for the next six weeks.

Does Loki know everything that happened in the timeline?

Unfortunately, Loki couldn’t escape as he planned. After seeing the Infinity stones useless lying on a draw, he decides to believe that Mobius is telling the truth and goes back to where he was first taken.

Loki obviously decides to fiddle with the monitor there, and he ends up seeing everything and hearing the words he ever wanted to hear from his father and brother.

He also ends up seeing the fate of the future Loki in the hands of Thanos, and it does not look good. So Loki starts to cry, and everyone watching the show called with him.

Seeing Loki hear those words and looking at him lose his family on screen was just too painful. So, yes, Loki knows everything that happened in the present MCU timeline.

How Does Loki Know About Avengers’ Time Travel?

How did Loki find out Avengers were Time traveling?

Well, he knows a thing or two about pranks, heist, and whatnot, so that may be the reason. It was adorable to see Loki come forward to help capture the Avengers for their time-traveling crime tho.

So, basically, Loki says a few lines only about how he knew they time traveled. Then, in a hissy fit, he recalls smelling two people with Axe Body spray, and that was about Tony.

Also, we see him closely look at Ant-Man and everything going around when the Avengers were busy trying to hold on to the Tesseract, which may have caused some doubts.

But do not forget that Loki was close with Frigga, and she was the one who taught him magic. In Endgame, we could see that she guessed the Thor in the palace was from the future.

Maybe Frigga’s powers were passed on to Loki, and that’s how he knew that.



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