How is Jaskier Still Young in The Witcher?


There are many things for which we didn’t get the answer in season one, and one among them will be how did Jaskier look the same throughout the series.

Confusing timeline

One of the most significant backlashes faced by the Witcher is its confusing timeline. We don’t know if the writers did it to just play with our minds, but we definitely were going insane figuring out which timeline the current episode is in.

With so many timelines in play, like from way before Ciri is born, from the first time Geralt was seen monster-hunting near Blaviken to another time when Geralt meets Yennefer and another time when Geralt meets the bard.

I am already tired of writing these, phew. Wonder how the editor felt putting these scenes together.


Non-aging Characters


Well, with these twisted and confusing timelines came another problem, finding out the age of the characters. Now in other shows, we would’ve had some kind of clue when there was a change in the timeline as either the characters would’ve been old in it than usual or younger than usual.

But guess what? The Witcher didn’t give us that too. Season one, according to many, spans over forty years. Even though it looks like it all happened just a few years back, that’s not the truth.

This was made hard for us because of the no aging part from the characters. Geralt is a Witcher with mutant powers; thus, his aging is lower than usual, and therefore we see him as the same he was in the first episode.


The power of magic


Mages have the power to make them look young no matter how old they are, and that’s why we never saw Tissaia or Yennefer or anyone age. But the odd one among this was the bard, Jaskier.

Now according to the synopsis given by Netflix, it is said that the bard was 18 years old when he first met Geralt. And that makes him 42 years old by the end of the first season.

But he didn’t look like he aged a single day. So, this is either a colossal plot hole or something which the showrunner did wanting to keep the fans on their toes.


Is he immortal?



There is also some theory by fans saying that Jaskier drank some immortal potion, thinking it to be wine. I don’t know about you, but our so-called poet/singer might’ve done that while he was trying to show his artistic side to attract the ladies.

Some fans also suggest that he is young because he is the narrator of the story and decides to keep himself young because, well, it’s his damn universe; he gets to do what he likes!

Maybe we will get a clue about what’s the reason for all this from the second season, so stay tuned!





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