Will Wanda’s Twins And Vision Live Outside The Hex?


Accept it, a part of us thought the Twins were just Agatha Harkness‘ way of keeping Wanda in WestView. Well, we all were wrong.

What are all real?

Now, as shocking as it is to find out that the Hex is not Agatha‘s work or intentional by Wanda, we still have the point of what all is real.

We are clear that everything in WestView actually existed already and that Wanda just unknowingly put them through change according to her favorite sitcoms.

Many think that Scarlet Witch, who has been finally mentioned in the MCU, is the reason behind this. Well, Scarlet Witch is a mighty powerful alter ego of Wanda, so there are chances that the alter ego part is trying to gain control.

Jealous Witch!


We got to see that Agatha has been a rejected witch in her community since her powers were not of the ordinary. From what we could understand, we have an idea that Agatha is jealous of Wanda that she could do all of this with no training or rule-following.

After a series of flashbacks, Agatha Harkness concludes that Wanda is something she thought was just a myth. And the first thing she thinks of is that to destroy her.

As much as we would enjoy watching her try, another important question comes up. Now, every other WestView resident was just given a costume change, but Vision and the Twins are not real.

Nexus Beings!

We hear Agatha say that Wanda could create and destroy lives as simple as this. So, that means that she is a NEXUS being, and that explains Vision and the twins.


Until the last episode, we thought Wanda actually stole Vision. But the truth is she has created a Vision of her own even without realizing it.

Now that Hayward is trying to send White Vision let’s hope that the Hex Vision gets filled in with all the details. As we saw, Vision, who has been created by Wanda within the Hex, cannot leave the bubble.

Limited Powers?

Now, this NEXUS being might, after all, have a limit where Wanda could create and alter only inside her bubble? If that’s the case, Wanda will lose Vision and the twins once she decides to bring the bubble down.

We know that our morally right Vision will make her do it soon, and whatever the White Vision has to offer will be incredibly dramatic for sure.

So, the chances of Vision and the twins surviving the bubble going down is less than me becoming a superhero.

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